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After the closure of the U.S. government - intelligence, military and national security

After the closure of the U.S. government - intelligence, military and national security

Obama would not negotiate with Republicans .
Director of National Intelligence James Clapper : .. " damage national intelligence , the army , the country is exposed to the risk of terrorist attacks : on unpaid leave and staff whose presence is necessary to protect the immediate danger to life and property of people in USA . "
The director of national intelligence , said that the financial stress and create favorable conditions for development of the activities of foreign intelligence services , reports The Washington Post.
"Under such circumstances , qualified agents without support from his country can easily be employed by their colleagues from other countries. "
Clapper said that unpaid leave is sent to 70 % of employees serving U.S. agents and the threat to the security of the country will accumulate over time , reports ABC News.
The adverse effects of closing the government talked and General Raymond Odierno . According to him , the military are now strapped for cash for daily operations , including the ability to train and transport.
 Odierno acknowledged that he should postpone his trip to Europe to reduce costs.
Every day , the U.S. Army " loses its force," Odierno added .
Release expected 490 000 soldiers , many of whom were the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
During the hearing in the Senate on Wednesday , the chairman of the Legal Committee Dianne Feinstein added that " the failure of Congress to put the country at greater risk of terrorist attacks.
According to Feinstein , closing state institutions harm the national security of the country and "the greatest gift that we can do our enemies. "
Meanwhile, spokesman for the White House Jay Carney at a regular press conference on Wednesday said Obama "will not negotiate" for the need to restore funding for the U.S. government to make concessions to the opposition forces of the Republican Party in Congress.
Carney also noted that the Minister of Finance Jacob Lew , who will participate in the meeting will give details of Deputies of the possible consequences of forced outage on the island work of the United States government .
U.S. should resort to the use of " extraordinary measures " to avoid bankruptcy of the financial obligations that will occur on October 17 , said in a letter to the leaders of Congress , Finance Minister Liu .
Liu informed the MPs have exhausted almost all possibilities for the timely payment of the debt of the United States has reached a ceiling of 16.7 trillion . In this regard , the Ministry of Finance decided to use the latest tools available - refuse to refund money from the stabilization Monetary Fund and terminate participation in the two funds for social assistance and retirement of civil servants.
Liu confirmed previous estimates that the U.S. go into technical bankruptcy appeared on October 17 , if Congress does not raise the debt ceiling .

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