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The U.S. and Israel are trying to unravel the air defenses of Syria - mimic stroke.

The U.S. and Israel are trying to unravel the air defenses of Syria - mimic stroke.

Black Sea Fleet of Russia sent a large landing ships " Novocherkasks " and " Minsk " in the Bosporus and Dardanelles to the coast of Syria.
Defense Minister of Russia , Sergei Shoigu informed President Putin that the Mediterranean is detected launch two ballistic missiles. Trajectory was the central Mediterranean to the Eastern shores of the Mediterranean.
Ministry of Defense of Israel announced that two ballistic missiles that said Russia had been fired as targets to test Israeli missile defense system .
Tested was the Israeli missile defense system " Hets 2" also known as " Arrow 2 " . For the first time it was launched a test version of the missile radar " Anchor ."
 Earlier , Israel and the U.S. said they know nothing about the rockets that were fired in the direction of Syria.
Mysterious ballistic missiles in the Mediterranean fell into the water.
 Eventually, the Americans recognized the strange rockets was long planned exercise with Israel.
U.S. role was only providing technical support for Israel.
 This is standard procedure to reveal the locations of enemy air defense radar system .
 Whether the Syrians were caught in a catch , is not clear , but it is clear that the Russian missile system is ready and works surprisingly flawlessly .
 Tay be planned only air strikes , the biggest concern of Americans , can advance to neutralize the Syrian air defense defense .
Here are some of the newer Syrian media:
6 antiaircraft missile - cannon complex 2C6 " Tunguska " in 2008;
18 anti-aircraft missile complex « Beech - M2Э » in 2008;
36 antiaircraft missile - gun complex " Pantsiry - C1 » from 2007 to 2013 .
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon warned that a military strike on Syria may aggravate the conflict in the country.
Before taking any action in Syria , the international community must await the UN inspectors to complete its report on the use of chemical weapons in the country , said the spokesman of the European Union.
Plevneliev , no matter how bad , is a factor anyway and in foreign policy and in the Syrian case , but with offshore tales resilience of the country and poses serious problems , and then enter into an explanatory mode to justify your bullshit .

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