Thursday, September 5, 2013

Succulent outsider Steinbrueck catching Merkel. The biggest nightmare for Merkel 's far-left Die Linke.

Succulent outsider Steinbrueck catching Merkel.
The biggest nightmare for Merkel 's far-left Die Linke.

One of the most important trends before elections for the Bundestag , the melt solid electorates of the two major parties .
Almost two thirds of German citizens will cast their votes in the parliamentary elections on 22 September for a party that would support a strike against Syria.
  66% said that it depends on who they will vote .
  26% do believe military intervention inevitable and necessary .
 Four years after the onset of the debt crisis in the euro area people in debt-ridden Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal and Cyprus are very worried that a third term conservative Chancellor can bring them only more austerity and suffering.
 Merkel coalition between the CDU and CSU continues to support 39% of the popular edition of Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, and the Socialists Steinbrueck with 23% , followed by the Green Party , with 11% of votes.
The biggest nightmare for Merkel 's far-left Die Linke, collecting 8% of the total vote .
Future for the youngest sibling coalition Merkel UFD whose support is hovering around 5 percent threshold may be determined on who will be the next Chancellor of Germany from which depends the future of the 80 -million- Germany , the entire European Union.
Succulent outsider Steinbrueck surprised everyone with his performances during the debates .
 90 -minute verbal duel seen live from about 17 million Germans .
Socialist Peer Steinbrueck has managed to attract attention to themselves on Sunday - the first time in a positive direction , which immediately pushed up its popularity .
The inquiry in real time on ARD reported that Merkel falling from 54% to 48% per cent, while the popularity of Steinbrueck has increased from only 28 % at baseline to 45 % per cent at the end of the TV dialogue.
 Thus opposition candidate increased his popularity while support for Angela Merkel fell .
Steinbrück change strategy and start with personal attacks on Merkel 's policy of austerity was implemented disproportionate.
Socialist consider issues such as the introduction of a minimum wage harmonization of pay between women and men and increase taxes on the wealthy by 5%.
Declares its readiness to tackle societal divisions between rich and poor if elected .
After the debate on Sunday , Steinbrueck harden his rhetoric even more during the Duel in the Bundestag on Tuesday : " Germany has been mishandled in the past four years," and that the country really is "dormant ."
Criticized Merkel moves on the international scene , claiming that its initiative to address high levels of unemployment among young people in Europe did not give the desired results and too extreme austerity measures at a time when the continent needs a major program of reconstruction, similar to the Marshall Plan in the middle of the last century.
For Greece - that Athens might need a third bailout program , Merkel was forced to acknowledge that a new aid package "may be needed " , although no one knows exactly how things will develop in the Mediterranean country .

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