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Paralysis of government agencies in the U.S.?

Paralysis of government agencies in the U.S.?

Many lawmakers predict paralysis of government offices Tuesday.
Only the military will continue to receive funding even if the government institutions be forced to stop work.
House of Representatives of the U.S. Congress adopted a bill on temporary funding that Democrats identified as unacceptable. Republican majority in the House approves financial measures to finance the state apparatus to 15 December and postpone for one year the implementation of health reform President Barack Obama, rejecting tax on medical devices included in the law of Obama.
The bill will be rejected in the Senate, controlled by Democrats, said their leader Harry Reid. The White House also warned that the president would veto this text.
Both houses of Congress will have to agree on the issue before midnight on Monday when the financial year ending 2013.
Each week of political paralysis will cost $ 8 billion.
During the night of Saturday to Sunday though the House of Representatives, where Republicans have a majority, voted a law that would allow at least the U.S. military to continue to receive funding even if the government institutions were forced to stop work.
Democrats supported the law, but stressed that it ignores the importance of other federal employees who will have to stop working unless approved temporary budget.
Tomorrow 800 thousand people employed in the public sector, you can stay at home.
Until now, the U.S. passed a dominant force in the world, and China accept as rising economic giant.
 Nowadays repeats the familiar pain to change roles from the 20s of last century, when Britain was the dominant force, and the U.S. rising economic giant and creditor nation with a trade surplus.
Today, however, the decline in the American Empire. Military spending overextended the U.S. economy. To pay for its military adventures, the United States resorted to old tricks colossal budget and foreign trade deficits.
 U.S. consumer society based on military force, there is a lack of national savings and are mired in external debt, the lending around the world and especially in China.
And China is the most dangerous creditor with a positive trade balance.
U.S. longer dependent from China and not only thereof.
Do not wait and the other sacral problem, the U.S. will reach the debt ceiling on 17 October.
It will be enacted if Congress does not reach agreement to raise the limit, said in a letter to Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew.
One of the "extraordinary measures" to keep the budget at the surface is the delay in payments to the pension fund.
By October 17 the government has made available more than $ 30 billion and average daily budget expenditures amounted to $ 60 billion....

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