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Merkel issues after the election.

Merkel issues after the election.

Block Merkel's CDU / CSU received five seats less than an absolute majority in the lower house .
Christian Democratic Union / Christian Social Union - 311 seats .
Social Democratic Party - 192 seats.
Left - 64 seats .
Green Party - 63 seats .
Turnout - by 70.8% .
 Nine percent of the extreme left-wing and eurosceptic five percent of " Alternative for Germany" changed and will change the puzzle in Germany and prove implications and research to reduce the middle class in Germany.
Middle class in Germany declined in recent years from 65 to 57% , and middle-class people with lower incomes are at risk of falling into a social group that has even less money.
Last year, the number of protesters Germans grew 6 times and 1.2 million have expressed their discontent on the street .
At the time of the measures of the improvements in the welfare of the Germans drew only benefit the elite of society.
 For the poor has become increasingly difficult to get out of the hole , the higher the group of Germans who can not afford to save any money after they have met their annual cost - their share increased from 8 to 15%.
Aging of the population , social unrest , modest investment , the cost of energy transition ( high cost of green energy ) , stalled production and shortness of breath markets will await the German Chancellor .
Whether Merkel can form a grand coalition with the SPD rival her Steinbrück or less likely to green, but there is a few weeks or months of difficult negotiations .

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