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Intense firefight is returning to the shopping center in Nairobi at 9.30 am local time.

Intense firefight is returning to the shopping center in Nairobi at 9.30 am local time.

Despite statements to authorities in Kenya , " We control Westgate "
 intense firefight was resumed at 9.30 pm local time when attacked by extremists shopping center in Nairobi.
Hours earlier, the Ministry of Internal Affairs announced that security forces completely control the building of the mall.
According to the media, some of the complex , there were several explosions .
Source of the security forces of Kenya announced that it is assumed that the building remained one or two terrorists.
Al -Shabab carried out the terrorist attack in response to the attacks of Kenyan troops in Somalia.
 Around the mall burned several cars and burn itself Mall .
About 200 people were rescued by the disputed shopping center in Nairobi.
  The operation wounded 11 soldiers who also are found in hospitals .
Among the terrorists captured mall in Nairobi and took hostage of its visitors , there were " two - three " U.S. citizens and " a Briton ," said Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kenya, Amina Mohammed . The Minister described them as young people aged 18-19 years. In her words , they are of Arabic or Somali origin and lived in " Minnesota and another place " in the United States .
British extremist was a woman who had " done this many times before ."
Al -Shabab " has claimed responsibility for the massacre . Islamist terrorist organization announced on Twitter that Samantha Lyutuayt , also known as the "white widow " bomber London Jermain Lindsay is " among their ranks " and " courageous woman ."
Shrouded in a burqa English widow bomber from the London Underground on 7 July 2005 and leader of the thugs , Samantha Lyutuayt gave orders to kill people in the mall .
Kenyan troops said that a woman with white skin bearing the burqa is screaming in Arabic orders shooters during the bloodbath at the mall " Westgate " by the Islamist group.
 Muslims put out by Islamist terrorists , and the Christians and other non-Muslims are killed and mutilated .
According to eyewitnesses, the gunmen told the Muslims to leave the building shortly before noon , and non-Muslims were taken at gunpoint .
Some claim that the attackers asked " who is the mother of the prophet ? " In an attempt to determine which are Muslims.
One man showed the name of the ID card Hakim , and so escaped . Another could not answer the question and was shot .
 The operation lasts four days and is obviously not very successful , despite the participation of Israeli forces.
Were killed, six of the attackers later told local television Tsitizen , without giving any details and information sources.
 Three terrorists were killed in the previous day, and the group is believed to have been initially 10-15 Islamists.
On suspicion of involvement in the terrorist act have been detained and questioned more than 10 people, police said.

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