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In Syria rebels and government use Zarin in chemical attacks.

In Syria rebels and government use Zarin in chemical attacks.

Russia formally accused the rebels of being used sarin .
In the nearly 100 page document states that opposition Brigades ' Al- Nasser , " which closely associated with " Al Qaeda " behind chemical attacks.
Used near Aleppo ammunition belong to the Syrian army and were made ​​by hand , said the Russian Foreign Ministry with reference to the conclusions of Russian experts investigating the incident to the use of toxic substances.
 Samples were traces of sarin and diizopropilftorfosfat used in the West during World War II as a chemical weapon .
Putin has accused the authorities in Washington of lying when they say that U.S. strikes will lead to the strengthening of the position of " Al Qaeda " in Syria and that the terrorist organization has been operating in the country:
" They lie naturally . I watched the debates in Congress. Congressman asks John Kerry : " Develop an activity " Al Qaeda " in Syria ? They say that the terrorist organization will strengthen its position in the country. " Kerry replied: " No, we declare most responsible that" Al Qaeda "is not active in Syria ," said Putin.
He recalled that " Al Qaeda " is one of the organizations fighting on the side of the Syrian opposition .
"The main combat unit " Al Qaeda " is division " Al Nusra . " Officials in Washington know all too well. And do not you just become enjoyable. Amazingly it is communicating with them and based on the fact that they are serious people. But lie. And they know they're lying . And that's sad , "said Putin.
Dissidents from the Syrian National Council does have announced that the head of the forensic department of the city of adepts had fled abroad , taking with him evidence of the involvement of the regime of Bashar al-Assad to the use of weapons of mass destruction .
The Foreign Affairs Committee of the U.S. Senate approved a draft military strikes against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in response to a deadly attack with chemical weapons , reported news agency .
 Most likely , both sides used chemical weapons and the truth can not be fully understood .
Senators in the committee adopted by 10 votes to 7 project " limited intervention " in Syria, the U.S. , with a maximum duration of 60 days with the potential to be extended to 90 days without deployment of ground forces . Resolution is the chairman of the committee Democrat Robert Menendez and leading Republican senator Bob Korkar it .
The main question is , can the United States to ensure that they will do something nice for Syria and neighboring nations or will become as big a sham in Iraq?

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