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In Germany , a coalition of the Social Democrats , the Greens and leftists ?

In Germany , a coalition of the Social Democrats , the Greens and leftists ?

In Germany it is possible coalition of the Social Democrats , the Greens and leftists , which is taboo for most media.
Words nationalist , left-wing and right-wing deliberately demonized , which will probably become bad .
Social Democrats in Germany, however , decided to consult its 472,000 members, whether to coalition with Merkel - Union which many in the party are opposed .
 Comes to the agenda the idea of ​​a coalition between the Greens, the Social Democrats and the far-left party
The three parties would have enough seats to be able to operate in a similar composition .
It is said that Germans massively approved the idea of ​​the shape of the future coalition with Merkel. This is not true , or not entirely true.
Social democrats and leftists disapprove coalition with Merkel.
Merkel's rival in the elections gave up all his posts in the party .
66 -year-old Steinbrueck has ruled to accept a ministerial post in the leadership of Angela Merkel's coalition government.
Therefore, the Social Democrats decided to consult their members on whether to coalition with Merkel.
Then you will remain an option to work with a real left and the Communist Party of the former East Germany , or new elections.
 President of CSU Horst Seehofer , an ally of Merkel criticized the Social Democrats plan to put the decision to establish a " grand coalition " with her vote of their members, threatening the stability of Germany.
Green gathered only 8.4% , which is less than in 2009 earned 10.7% , but still enough to draw up a coalition government with the Christian Democrats of Chancellor Angela Merkel , who won 41.5 percent of the vote.
The group is not excluded a coalition between the Greens and the Social Democrats far-left Left Party .
At the time of the measures of the improvements in the welfare of the Germans drew only benefit the elite of society.
Middle class in Germany declined in recent years from 65 to 57% , and middle-class people with lower incomes are at risk of falling into a social group that has even less money.

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