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Unprecedented censorship in London.

Unprecedented censorship in London.

British authorities forced the newspaper "The Guardian" to destroy the materials provided by former CIA collaborator Edward Snowdon understand from an article by the editor of the newspaper Allen Rosbridzhar.
This is a unique example of total censorship of intelligence.
 Newspaper would continue to prepare reports on materials distributed in other countries.
The decision on this measure was taken under threat of legal action by the British government. This is one of the most shameful episodes in journalism.
  On Saturday July 20 in one of the basements in the office of "The Guardian" senior computer expert and editor of the newspaper used a grinder and other tools to destroy hard drives and memory cards, which were recorded files, supervised by technical experts of the British center for government communications that are making notes and taking pictures.
The editor of "The Guardian" Allen Rasbridzhar earlier informed government officials that there are other copies of the documents outside the UK and that "Guardian" is not the sole recipient or holder of files distributed by the former employee of the National Security Agency of the United States Edward Snowdon.
 However, the government has requested the material be destroyed or transferred.
This is a unique example of total censorship of intelligence.
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey - Ahmet Davutoğlu announced that more than a month and a half, the United States did not respond to an official inquiry is whether Ankara intercepted Turkish diplomatic mission in Washington, informed the electronic edition of the newspaper "Milliyet".
 Earlier, the police officers who arrested David Miranda, a partner of the journalist from "The Guardian" Glenn Greenwald, seized computer files encrypted by former CIA officer Edward Snowdon.
Miranda coexists with Glenn Greenwald, the reporter who interviewed Snowdon and wrote a series of articles concerning the activities of the National Security Agency of the United States.
Miranda was traveling from Berlin to his native Brazil. In Berlin, he received various files containing information from Snowdon, which is supposed to go back to Greenwald. These documents have been stored in an encrypted laptop computer disk, were among the objects seized by British security officers at Heathrow Airport.
The Brazilian was arrested on the basis of anti-terrorism laws and was questioned for nine hours, the legal limit, the suspect before being charged or released.
He explained that his interviews were conducted by six different
agents seized his computer, mobile phone and its memory card, according to the British "Daily Telegraph".

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