Sunday, June 23, 2013

Successive saviors of Bulgaria intelligent, interesting, successful protesters.

Successive saviors of Bulgaria intelligent, interesting, successful protesters.

Broken right UDF, DSB, secretly supported by GERB usurp final, somewhat spontaneous protest in Sofia.
 The protests have begun to be characterized as very "smart", among other positive definitions.
In the countryside are not as smart, beautiful and successful, they are very subdued in the protests!
In "Revolution Varna" protesters reached 200 and a mother of triplets.
Certainly in Plovdiv and Blagoevgrad justly rebelled against the governors of DPS.
In Sofia, now identify themselves as right, although it is embarrassing to admit because supposedly the protest was not political.
What a shame to leave a political protest?
Or ashamed for supporting GERD?
And what are the political but screams "red dirt", "who does not jump is red", "Volen - whore"?
A BNT, bTV, Nova TV, Channel 3 since changed owner, whoever he is, cause, overexposed and promote protests in the square waiting for them at 17:30, daily "increase" quantization protesters continually praise the beauty and intelligence that stream of them like manna from heaven.
 The protest has its good moments, but the obligations imposed absolutely crazy aims only to overthrow the government of Oresharski only serve GERD and their crutches.
 Of course not justify cretinism of Stanishev's nomination Peevski reminiscent ritual suicide.
But when exactly those media start talking about what a nice thing, the thing becomes doubtful.
 Deliberately evokes the turbid is that winter protesting GERD were poor, ugly, hungry and uneducated.
Of course, a mistake.
Protest organizers - Asen Genov reached serious heights of inferences: "Let's face it! January-February rally people who want free or cheap privileges and were against the Euro-Atlantic orientation of Bulgaria. "
Starts on the other hand smacks the interests of energy mafia.
All this tinkering with "smart, beautiful protest managed middle class pay bills like gerberski marketing gimmick.
It looks like the rally with pigs.
They breeders were willing to protest.
A cry of "red dirt," "Who does not jump is red", "Volen - whore", throwing stones and bottles, especially injury of journalists is a serious sign of intelligence, beauty and success.
Certain political veterans, very cleverly played card "smart" protest in search of personal gain, especially from the TV screen.
20th June knot right "intellectuals" are strained and "born" political entity "new right".
Would fight the mafia oligarchy, they "smart", "beautiful" winners "- and will save us.
So, now clearly visible successive saviors on the horizon.
A Borisov yesterday announced that he was ready to go up in Kostov and other royal blue and debris.
Not that we do not need new dyasno.No new.
But we need a new left.
Instead of removing the government immediately ask to fail completely subsidies to political parties by the state and only receive donations from individuals and chasni chasni companies within certain limits and immediately declared in a public register.
Ask and necessary to reduce the number of MPs from 240 to 120 and mandates of MPs - up to two terms is mandatory change.
 In case you want require changes to the electoral code Roundtable or the Grand National Assembly.
 Imposition of compulsory voting to liquidate largely dependent on DSS and other notables.
Why do not you change the judicial system and direct election by the people of judges, prosecutors, investigators and heads of police departments.
But for this you need the existing National Assembly.

But what you are Borisov and Tsvetanov again?

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