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Social networks have blown up the world or flawed economic models?

Social networks have blown up the world or flawed economic models?
Brazil and Turkey are countries in which the world envied.
Export boom, growing domestic consumption and ambitious social programs have led to an annual growth of over 4% and dragged more than 30 million Brazilians out of poverty.
 Now, however throughout Brazil asked a wide range of changes - to stop a rapid rise to cleanse the government of corruption.
It turned out that Brazilians see sluggish economy, rising inflation and poor quality of public services, the potential disillusionment of the country.
And there's the young people who first took to the streets are organized in social networks.
Secular media and civil society in Turkey disagreed with revelations Islamism imposed last 10 years.
Audacity of Islamists to undermine a person's freedom of Turks restrictions and control over the media blew enlightened people.
Recep Tayyip Erdogan sets riots as acts of extremists.
In 1998, Erdoğan received an effective sentence of the quote: "The minarets are our bayonets, the domes - our helmets, mosques - our barracks and the faithful - our soldiers."
The question remains, how can the most powerful politician in Europe - Erdogan, which for me is the truth, it is possible to allow his own ego, to put all his achievements in the advancement of the Turkish state in the past decade on the map and there are doubts even civil peace.
Last year, Turkey's economy grew by 8.9 percent and Turkey ranks first in Europe, and among the countries of the group G20 anticipated it only China.
Erdogan completely reforming the financial sector, reduce public debt and orient the economy towards greater exports.
 Stimulate not only traditional sectors such as the textile industry and the cultivation of tropical fruits, but the automotive industry, chemistry and engineering.
A solid base, which later helped the country to overcome the problem without the global financial and economic crisis.
The economic boom is due to the fact that live in Turkey, many young people. The average income per capita today is four times higher than before the era Erdogan.
Social networks have shown their true power in the "Arab Spring."
Of course, fans of conspiracy theories behind the riots saw the long arm of the CIA, but can you do to predict what will happen?
It is questionable whether the Arab spring fully justified expectations of democracy activists in the Middle East, but without social networks change might not.
"Never demolishing the old house before I built a new" was forgotten and now all suffer.

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