петък, 14 юни 2013 г.

Protesters rejected the ultimatum Erdogan and suggestions from Islamist prime minister referendum.

Protesters rejected the ultimatum Erdogan and suggestions from Islamist prime minister referendum.

 Protesters rejected the ultimatum Erdogan.
 Protesters also rejected suggestions from Islamist prime minister municipal referendum for construction in the park.
The situation in Turkey is critical to democracy.
Erdogan or crush the protests and will require entirely Islam as state policy, or he and his reaction Islamist party will leave the political scene.
Islamist and urged his supporters to organize pro-government rallies on Saturday and Sunday.
Rather, after a few years, Turkey will become a copy of Iran.
Erdogan unions threatened a nationwide strike if the police again attacked protesters.
Pinnacle of arrogance and suppression of freedom of access to information are the actions of the Turkish television regulator - imposed sanctions on several television channels, Halk TV, Ulusal TV, Cem TV and EM TV, live broadcast of the unrest on Taksim Square in Istanbul due to "excess cruelty shown in some shots. "
To remember that where he wants to build a mall, now is the monument of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.
Turkey is no longer the rule of law, however, Europe and America, making the question of the blind
Hundreds of journalists, many senior military and thousands of students languish in prison for years without trial, by an absolute sham charges of "terrorism" long before the beginning of the protests.
In Turkey, there is no freedom of speech and most of the media are in the hands of the government, or are fearful and self-censorship.

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