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Problems Borisov and Tsvetanov ahead with the prosecution?

Problems Borisov and Tsvetanov ahead with the prosecution?

Tsvetanov determine the rumors that will be required "more like a newspaper." "It makes no sense to do so, this is the initial stage of pre-trial proceedings," he said in Brussels, where he had to seek help from the President of the European People's Party in the European Parliament Joseph Daul.
Sofia Regional Court has stopped the defamation case against former Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov, led by former President of the Union of Judges in Bulgaria Miroslava Todorova.
"A secret clerk of the National Assembly has requested authorization from the parliament to initiate criminal proceedings against MP Tsvetan Tsvetanov Genchev," said the plenary session leading Christo Bisserov. Announcement was greeted with applause. "Up to 8 years in prison could get former Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov, if convicted," said on this occasion the Prosecutor SOTIR Tsatsarov. The prosecution, which will be raised is "dopustitelstvo of office."
Rumen Nikolov - Grazing will be arrested within days as the boss of an organized crime group for money laundering and smuggling cigarettes and other high excise goods, says, "Every day."
With him in custody would fall four-brother Grazing - Nicholas Dimitar Stefanov - Mitko karate, a man named Michael, who organized under the umbrella of grazing smuggling cigarettes from Serbia and Turkey, and a man with the initials TP
We soon realized by bTV that written requests for flights Borisov with government Aviootryad 28 are hidden or destroyed after a journalist won a case against the tacit refusal to be provided with information about the flight of the former prime minister.
Anketna commission on a parity basis, checks travel Borisov at state expense with Aviootryad government, military helicopters, and aircraft of the police (for Airbus 319, TU 154, for both MI 8 and the Falcons) in the summer 2009, when he took office, to leave the office early.
 Anketnata committee will seek evidence "when, what destinations at home and abroad, for what purpose, in what size and what the cost of funds are used aviation aircraft."
"Bistrishkite Tigers" were at least against the background of other VIP passengers say evil tongues.
"I Misho this beer did not know," so some time ago Boyko Borisov answered a journalist's question, however, "Sega" newspaper published a photograph that exposes Borisov lie. On it is clear how Mihail Mihov, nicknamed Beer gives Boyko racing shirt with his name.
Resumed investigation RCC scandal Michaud Beer, reports the newspaper "24 Hours" without citing sources of information.
For now, the prosecution is investigating crimes against the electoral rights of citizens and malfeasance only to employees of the Administration Council of Ministers, which is a guarantor of ballots in ofKostinbrod swelled to over 400,000.
Pre-trial release to the media recordings of telephone conversations between the head of the customs Vanya Tanev, his former deputy Anthony Strandjev, ex-minister Simeon Djankov and former Prime Minister Boyko Borisov was suspended in January last year As the cause of the Sofia City Prosecutor's Office then pointed out that it is not open direct perpetrator.

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