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Former Interior Minister of Bulgaria interrogation and indictment the prosecution on Wednesday?

Former Interior Minister of Bulgaria interrogation and indictment the prosecution on Wednesday?

 Tsvetanov will be questioned in the Special Public Prosecutor on Wednesday at 10:00 he told reporters in Parliament.
Tsvetanov said that he had received a summons and will appear at the date and time, specified by the prosecution.
 "Up to 8 years in prison could get former Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov, if convicted," said on this occasion earlier, the Prosecutor SOTIR Tsatsarov.
The prosecution, which will be raised is "dopustitelstvo of office."
Case for mobile tapping the Ministry of Interior which found evidence of guilt of former Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov has resumed, said the Sofia City prokuratura.Razsledvaneto was stopped after Tsvetanov was elected to the parliamentary elections. Now he is to be charged.
Tsvetanov will have problems because of the ongoing re-examination of the case of the "baby in the freezer," humiliated when four doctors from Gorna Oryahovitsa by reading in parliament intercepted their conversations.
According to unconfirmed information will be re-audit and how the properties in recent years.
Do not forget that the Attorney General incriminate former interior minister of lying and revealed that when she met him on the occasion of an official in the office of Tsvetanov was already MRF MP Delian Peevski.
Prosecution and specialized directorate of the Interior Ministry, which is responsible for the technical operations - SDOTO were convicted in the first instance because of SIMs in the 'Tsonev Santirov, Popov, "to pay an indemnity of 1500 lev lawyer of former military minisar Nikolay Tsonev - Vasil Vasilev for recording a telephone conversation between him and his client reads the Sofia District Court on April 30.
Sofia Regional Court had stopped the defamation case against former Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov, led by former President of the Union of Judges in Bulgaria Miroslava Todorova.
For now, the prosecution is investigating crimes against the electoral rights of citizens and malfeasance only to employees of the Administration Council of Ministers, which is a guarantor of ballots in ofKostinbrod swelled to over 400,000.

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