петък, 7 юни 2013 г.

Erdogan returned to Turkey-splits.

Erdogan returned to Turkey-splits.

After landing at the airport of Tunis to Istanbul Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan called for an immediate end to street protests.
 In Turkey, the Islamist forces and progressive people now are almost equal.
More than 3,000 supporters and supporters of the Party of Justice and Development gathered at the airport, waving Turkish national flags to posreyanat Erdogan chanting - "We will die for you, Erdogan."
Erdogan thanked his comrades: "You stay calm, show some maturity and show common sense. And here let us all to go home," referring not to head to Taksim Square where yesterday was gathered many thousands calling to his resignation.
Started and political clashes in areas with concentrated population illiterate.
On Thursday, the Islamist-several hundred people attacked a group of 25 people took part in anti-government protest in the port city of Rize, the birthplace of Prime Minister Erdogan.
Four people became victims since anti-government protests in Turkey.
Just before his return, however, Erdogan said in Tunisia that the bloody anti-government protests involving members of terrorist organizations flatly refused to annul the contested plan for the development of Istanbul, which was the reason for the protests and that several foreigners who were involved in riots were arrested.
Shares in Turkish stock markets collapsed by nearly five percent after Erdogan recently took a strong stance against the protests.
The main stock index in Istanbul ended with a 4.7% decline, after a decline of 6.5% immediately after Erdogan's comments in Tunisia.
Secular media and civil society in Turkey can not help but be wary of revelations Islamism imposed last 10 years.
 To remember that where he wants to build a mall, now is the monument of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.
German Commissioner for Human Rights, Marcus Lonning, described the violence in Turkey as "shocking."
 Turkey is no longer the rule of law, however, Europe and America, making the question of the blind
Hundreds of journalists, many senior military and thousands of students languish in prison for years without trial, by an absolute sham charges of "terrorism" long before the beginning of the protests.
In Turkey, there is no freedom of speech and most of the media are in the hands of the government, or are fearful and self-censorship.
Fall gets there in the midst of the protests, CNN Turk broadcasting culinary show.
Social networking is the only way for protesters to communicate and keep in touch.
 Erdogan immediately declared Twitter "a threat to society." There are many arrests that have sent messages on Twitter.

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