понеделник, 6 май 2013 г.

Syrian rebels have used chemical weapons, sarin gas.

Syrian rebels have used chemical weapons, sarin gas.

And the most ominous news of 6 May: Syrian rebels have used sarin gas, said Carla Del Ponte:
"According to testimonies we received insurgents have used chemical weapons in particular sarin gas."
"Our investigation has become even deeper, to be verified by new testimonies, but according to what we found until now opponents of the regime had used sarin gas" added Del Ponte, who is a former prosecutor The Hague tribunal.
Israel confirmed that it has applied air strike on Syrian territory against a convoy with rockets for the Shiite Lebanese group "Hezbollah".
Explosions rocked Damascus on Pesach night, according to Syrian TV, Israeli missiles struck a military research center in the outskirts of the capital, which was attacked by Israel in January.
The attack was carried out by Israeli aircraft of Lebanese airspace without going into Syrian airspace.
Israel: "I do not comment on such reports."
One policeman was killed and at least 10 other people were injured after a skirmish on the border of Syria with Turkey, Turkish media reported.
The violence began on Thursday when the Syrians are trying to move next door and opened fire across the border to Turkey's security.
Border post was set on fire during a shootout with a large group of Syrians trying to cross illegally.
In an interview with the German publication "Der Spiegel" former ideologist of U.S. foreign policy, Zbigniew Brzezinski revealed that currently the U.S. can not do much to improve the situation in Syria. This is because the United States did not initially strategy on this issue.
"The only right strategy was to organize military intervention" - says Brzezinski.
 Instead, Barack Obama "only appeared on TV with tons of school director, and politely asked for the resignation of Bashar al-Assad."
Everything was done without a plan "B".
As for intervention in Syria, there is a real mess in which to make the right choices will be very difficult.
 "And if we do that, who would be on our side?" - Concluded the expert.
 It's always dangerous when Zbigniew Brzezinski started to deny the U.S. military intervention.
 One policeman was killed and at least 10 other people were injured after a skirmish on the border of Syria with Turkey, Turkish media reported.
U.S. President Barack Obama said on Friday that he does not foresee a scenario in which he would send U.S. troops to Syria and outlined the approach that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons.
Obama urges incomprehensible that the United States do not exclude any options for dealing with Syria as the U.S. investigated whether the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad using chemical weapons.
But Obama, who spent much of his presidency wound of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, to clarify, apparently reluctant to send troops into Siriya.Toy said: "I do not foresee" such a scenario.
If you can hold this position many analysts doubt.
However, the Middle East is closer to the Middle East than the U.S. to transfer troops.
What do some veterans of wars known to history.

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