Thursday, May 23, 2013

Socialists in Bulgaria given the mandate to form a government with Prime Minister Oresharski.

Socialists in Bulgaria given the mandate to form a government with Prime Minister Oresharski.

Here are some highlights from the press conference of President Rosen Plevneliev, BSP leader Sergey Stanishev and candidate for prime minister Oresharski:

 President Rosen Plevneliev: "Bulgaria needs stability and functioning institutions. Entire country expected results., Said President Rosen Plevneliev Agency reporter" Focus. "Hope to work 42 th National Assembly to show stronger commitment and Bulgarian society to see that the parliamentary crisis has been overcome. parties expressed their views. discussed the possibilities of forming a government.
It is important that all political leaders to show their respect to the state, to unite around common problems. What is needed is a sound basis on which to form a government.
I hope that Bulgarian society to see that one of crisis - namely the parliamentary crisis has been overcome, said Plevneliev.
It is important that all political leaders to show their respect to the state and to unite around issues of common concerns.
I heard the views of the parliamentary parties with respect to the government. There are pressing issues, said Plevneliev.
Insist that urgency should not want to unite the nation's long-term priorities.
GERB party back office; commissioned exploratory mandate to the candidate for prime minister of the second largest political party candidate for prime minister Oresharski said Plevneliev. "

BSP leader Sergey Stanishev: "We understand that Mr. Oresharsky takes very heavy responsibility.
I would love if the inheritance he received was like what was produced in 2009 - with this level of debt, with the condition of the economy.
Government of Oresharski stepping on a minefield, with many set traps, skeletons in the closet, and you'll have them mastered and with it - to carry out reforms.
Coalition for Bulgaria and personal Oresharski took very heavy responsibility, Stanishev said.
The government, which I hope will be supported by the Parliament, there will be a single day, which should not prove to people that work in the public interest and engage with the real issues.
No sector is not in a very poor condition, with problems that can explode. Urgent measures are needed for the people to restore the state for businesses to initiate a change.
See BSP as a tool to change the status quo. I know there are a lot of distrust, skepticism and a high degree of impatience.
Mr. Oresharsky will be very strong and firm support of the Coalition for Bulgaria to achieve these goals, because we take this responsibility. Will be critical for good governance, integrity in government, Stanishev said. It is a change we sincerely strive to restore confidence. "Stanishev said.

"In my career I have had many challenges, but today's challenge is greatest. It concerns the fate of all the people that expect me Stabilization and outlining the way forward for development. Guarantee that I will do everything that depends on me, get political trust, the trust of the people and to implement the necessary reforms, some of which are not so great candidate said Prime Minister Oresharski, after the adoption of exploratory mandate.
-Reducing the cost of electricity is a populist measure.

Oresharski said earlier that hopes to gain the support of GERD. I am sure that members of GERB know best how hard the moment he added.
Oresharsky will prepare an action plan month by month.
"I have concerns on the status of some key sectors. Firstly energy, health care system, which is also in a state of near collapse. We'll see and other sectors. The second type concerns me is linked to that of people last year they came together so that some of them can not wait to feel the positive impact very quickly. So we will do everything else with your first steps to convince people that work for the common benefit, "said Oresharski.
From the very first day of operation of the new government began to attempt to rebalance the energy field. We need to revise the overall strategy for energy development, said the candidate for prime minister of the BSP Oresharski during a meeting at Parliament parliamentary group of the MRF.
'Identification are measures in view of the severe winter ahead of us - an increase of support for children, help for first graders, energy assistance. In terms of business can be taken that do not commit resources. Promoting entrepreneurship and freeing them from administrative power pressure.
One of the measures to improve revenue collection, said Oresharsky. - In the last few years we have seen the diffusion of a portion of the proceeds. We are not guaranteed that the first few months will achieve compliance, which were achieved during the period of a previous government. Provision shall be made for the recovery of the business cycle, easier access to credit. "
Asked if he chose his financial minister Oresharski said: I will say 2-3 days after taking office. It will be one that alone will decide, but will inform me of them.

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