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Plan for Salvation of Bulgaria.

Plan for Salvation of Bulgaria.

The decision to suspend business with companies with vague and offshore ownership is a step towards lightening deals on concession, privatization and public procurement.
Limiting the possibility of banks to unilaterally change the interest and to subtract accelerated writs of execution, and the law on personal bankruptcy to earn Oresharsky pretty good, and now wait to scream bankers.
 I do not hear anything about far underground insurance sector, which is not good.
They seem invincible.
Support for individual vulnerable groups of society may be justified, but should be subject to the mandatory retraining the unemployed.
I do not see measures to change the judicial system because only one attorney general is not enough and I see too lean ideas for pension, health, education systems.
Social Policy in the plan is strictly limited by the realities and should familiar logic - there is no money to increase pensions and salaries to do reverence to certain social groups.
The rise in single support for families with children who start school from 150 to 310 lev is unlikely to have a large effect smacks of populism, but it will not be expensive because children decreased drastically.
I do not hear anything about the demographic catastrophe, even if not marked as a problem.
Do not touch the CBA and keep fiscal stability.
Should not be ignored as a signal to foreign observers and investors without knowing the detail is nice after the echo of political instability to hear something about a new government and sound public finances.
Priorities include streamlining the administration and suppression of smuggling.
Bureaucracy, however, is immortal and the fight against it is difficult, but the suspension of gerberskiya administrative pressure, reduced fees, accelerated payments under contracts executed within 30 days and refund of VAT - they will give breath to the business.
Except accelerated recovery of VAT will give two breaths of VAT fraudsters.
 Touching subsidies for large grain and livestock farmers and redistributing funds among small farmers and revival of traditional sectors Bulgaria's impact on friends Borisov "rally with the pigs."
Dropped pacifiers election of the Socialists for the cancellation of the flat tax and percussion taxing the rich, the resumption of the "Belene" and promised an immediate increase in the minimum wage.
Tax system and therefore flat tax will not be touched, and the rise in the minimum wage is postponed for Budget 2014.
Remains quite unclear how they happened to lower electricity bills. Socialist deputies even talking about a moratorium on the price of electricity, ie non-increasing, which is seemingly the easiest, but also most foolish decision - practically no difference in the sector simply forbid price increase and then watch it all collapses.
Reducing the cost of electricity is a populist measure responses Oresharsky a journalist's question emerged from the Presidency.
Business environment and the creation of better conditions and less administrative burdens for fledging businesses stated as intended without specific commitments.
Focus on employment absent or not well developed.
Operational measure is the implementation of the Swiss rule of pensions, canceled due to the crisis, but not enough.
Tariff system for electricity is totally insane and I hope that will not happen.
I fear more state; provided us more Borisov and Tsvetanov.

Here is the response of global news agencies:

 AFP examines personality Oresharski and stresses that he is an economist and former finance minister, but also a non-party who has set a goal to improve the business climate and encourage the creation of new jobs.

Agency "Bloomberg" focuses on the program and the socialist Oresharsky, which aims to stimulate economic growth and domestic demand.

Itar-Tass said the reasons that drove former Prime Minister Boyko Borisov to abandon the formation of study, although GERD received the most seats in the new assembly. The reason is that after the elections, none of the three parliamentary political forces do not want a coalition with GERD.

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