събота, 4 май 2013 г.

In Egypt the opposition black bloc struggles against the ruling Islamists end of Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood.

In Egypt the opposition black bloc struggles against the ruling Islamists end of Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood.

In Egypt, police again used tear gas to disperse an opposition demonstration in the capital Cairo.
Clashes with police occurred to prevent demonstrators from reaching the square "Tahrir."
Demonstrators pelted police with stones and "Molotov" cocktails. The protest began in front of the prosecution, as protesters tried to burn down the building. Then they headed to the square "Tahrir", blocking traffic on the bridge over the Nile "Kasr al-Nile."
The protest was organized by the group "Black Bloc" and the Attorney General has ordered the arrest of several of its members.
"Black Bloc" fight "Muslim brothers" dominant force in Egypt.
The opposition group is against the Islamisation of Egyptian society imposed by current President Mohammed Mursi, namely broadcast of "Muslim Brotherhood."
 Egypt sinks into turmoil and possibly sectarian civil war.
"Muslim Brotherhood" has openly pushing for the establishment of a Muslim caliphate, and Egypt became the tacit basis of "Al Qaeda."
Arab Spring triggered and maintained by the U.S. and EU strengthen radical Islam in the region and lead to ultra-conservative Islam.
In Egypt, the Liberals were defeated in parliamentary elections, which were won by the Islamist forces - the party of the "Muslim Brotherhood" and the party of the Salafists.
President Mohammed Morsi is a "Muslim brother".
Escalated and religious wars between Christians and Muslims in Egypt. Coptic churches were burned and peaceful Christians killed.
Numerous incidents of churches fueled with new flames of resentment of Egyptian Christians who believe that their rights have been seriously violated in a country where majority of the population are Muslims.
Army and police used against the protests of the Copts of Egypt's Islamist leadership.

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