Friday, May 17, 2013

Bulgaria's President Rosen Plevneliev called 42 th National Assembly on May 21, 2013. on the day of St. Constantine and Helen.

Bulgaria's President Rosen Plevneliev called 42 th National Assembly on May 21, 2013. on the day of St. Constantine and Helen.

10.00 hours "Dondoukov" 2 Head of State met consistently with representatives of the political party GERB in Bulgarian Socialist Party, with the Movement for Rights and Freedoms and Political party "Ataka".
After recent talks President Rosen Plevneliev said at a briefing the results of the meetings with the political parties.
Bulgaria's President Rosen Plevneliev will hold 42 National Assembly on May 21, 2013. on the day of St. Constantine and Helen.
Said the president will campaign in Parliament on May 21, when he would address the nation.
Plevneliev urged politicians to hold a debate in the first days and unite around an act of the National Assembly priorities before you enter into consultations to form a government.
May 21 is the character - the day of St. Konstantin and Elena, and may be considered symbolic unity of the nation.
Bulgarian Orthodox Church honors St. Apostles Constantine and Elena. Constantine is considered the first Christian Roman Emperor. Tradition says that his mother - Queen Elena goes on a pilgrimage to the places where Jesus lived, built several monasteries and discovered the cross on which Jesus was crucified.

President Rosen Plevneliev and the Council of Ministers earlier acknowledged the results of the election, although GERD sought invalidation of the vote.

CEC: There was no political agitation on the day of reflection.

Ombudsman: "Elections in this country are irrevocable."

Georgi Markov was a lawyer consultant GERD Borisov admitted after the meeting.
GERD have no claim to the date of convening of the new parliament.
Borisov is not expected to be supported in the parliament, but will offer government.

Borisov apparently grieving for crutches, GERB, CSV, Mareshki and UDF and others who were unable to overcome the 4% barrier and so failed plan for widespread support of GERB.V currently GERD is an absolute political isolation and left with only 15 , 63% of the Bulgarian voters.
Total number of voters according to CEC-6919260, GERB 1,081,605 or 15.63% accurate.

Sergey Stanishev and Lutfi Mestan offered May 21 to convene the 42 th National Assembly.

Marin Raykov was in the presidency for about 15 minutes before the leaders of the parliamentary forces.

Volen Siderov asked the president why the Turkish state prevents Bulgarian carriers of the Bulgarian-Turkish border and what it does and the interim government in this scandal.
Over 10 kilometers of line trucks waiting to cross from Bulgaria to Turkey border "Kapitan Andreevo."
Siderov wants the matter to be referred to the Commission and to stop Turkish carriers to solve the case.
Attack wanted as soon convene the National Assembly.
At checkpoint "Captain Andreevo" Turkish drivers have closed the road on the Bulgarian-Turkish border on the Bulgarian side and violate laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Most severely kicked by old pals who know the secrets.
Barekov live on TV7: "We start today against 2 signals Boyko Borisov.Parviyat signal to the prosecution's request to investigate the case with Miso Beer.
Recall that after the media leak RCC conversation Boyko Borisov for the businessman, the prosecution is triggered to seek how SSD it runs out into the public domain. Essentially, however, there was no investigation of the content of the call, and whether the subsequent death of Michaud Beer and his wife are connected with the case.
The second signal requested an investigation of the origin of the money that girlfriend Borisov - Borislavova is acquired CIBank in 2001 "

Tsvetanov, believes that the Attorney General, Ministers, President, SAC, institutions are required to apply to the Constitutional Court when there is a request for invalidation of the elections. On what grounds would give all institutions, asking Tsvetanov. They are obliged to do so and is adamant that this appeal may rule only KC and those authorities are required to move the signal of GERD and be as mailbox.

Attorney General e called his office chief SANS Kazakov and Interior Ministry Chief Secretary Kalin Georgiev. The talks lasted nearly three hours, with the participation of Jon Sarafov Roman Vasilev described in Part of conversation or whatever it was, most likely in connection with the leaked stock in Municipality.

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