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Bulgaria May 22, 2013, GERD lost power by nationalists Siderov.

Bulgaria May 22, 2013, GERD lost power by nationalists Siderov.

Yesterday a game quorum "attack" actually provide support to the BSP and the MRF.
Mihail Mihov was elected by a decisive unsupported "attack".
16 of nationalists never registered at the beginning of the plenary day, with a quorum of 109 deputies BSP and MRF have been given a guaranteed majority of 120 votes.
 For deputies were chosen Maya Manolova (BSP) and Christo Bisserov (MRF). In the late afternoon we learned that Yavor Notev of attack will be the third deputy chief.
Expected "attack" to dorazmazhe Borisov and ensure the smooth election of the office, only one or more of its representatives to be registered in order to ensure a quorum of 121 people.
It will be almost impossible to be removed from office by a vote of no confidence, because for this you need at least 121 votes in favor and only 97 GERD.
This morning, BSP, DPS and "Attack" introduced a parity basis the temporary committee on SB 42, which should prepare rules of procedure.
The composition of the committee was passed with 127 "for" and 3 "anti" of GERD.
GERB wanted the committee to be composed of a quota and not on a parity basis, but their proposal was rejected.
Borisov totally losing power, has vowed to disrupt the vote of the Cabinet nominated by the BSP, but today on the floor of the National Assembly assured that it will not delay the vote and immediately receiving the mandate, the government will announce the draft and will not delay any further action and denied trying to influence Constitutional Court judges.
 Earlier GERD were accused by the tribune of trying to buy and influence Constitutional Court judges.
 Affair claims and that after the former head of CDCOC Stanimir Florov was initiated pre-trial proceedings, Tsvetanov sought Velchev.
I found the call is Velchev in his office as a constitutional judge. Velchev was not alone in his office and showed Tsvetanov that can not speak.
After closing the phone Velchev had spoken unpleasant for Tsvetanov.
 Borisov yesterday and assured future government program of the BSP and the MRF, it can count on the support of GERB unpopular measures to overcome the worst crisis.
Specifically stated that it would support the immediate election of a new composition of the regulator with 2/3 of parliament, as well as increasing maternity benefits from 240 to 310 lev and promised to propose a freeze on MPs' salaries, new Labour Code, the Law dopriemane for secondary education and new laws to special services.
 Stanishev semi adopted: "outstretched hand Borisov gives some hope that there may be scope for agreement."
Going back to the pre-election promises and GERB and BSP promised restoration of the automatic updating of pensions and differ slightly for Swiss rule Oresharsky is committed to raising the minimum wage in 2014, GERB wants flexibility in determining the minimum wage so as to promote the inclusion of more young in the workforce.
Minor discrepancy is on most issues and in terms of the flat tax. GERD feels that it works well and Oresharsky delicately around the subject, leaving the DPS to cement the tax.
No significant difference in offshore areas.
As a small snarl of GERD is accepted that GERD last night failed meeting of the CEC, making alternatives to dropout MPs from BSP Yotova and Rumen Stoyanov them in the next sheet. So parliament will continue with 238 MPs, while BSP and the MRF will have 118 votes.
According to the rules of the CEC, it sits in the presence of at least 12 members. Evil tongues say that after a phone call President Krasimira Medarova apologized engagement with other members of the quota of GERD also said that they can not remain, and some received sms-and not to go.
Plevneliev announced for new elections. "The elections can not by themselves solve the problems of the people. We are in the economic, institutional and parliamentary crisis. Let me one at a crisis," he urged. Plevneliev added that he hopes parliament to appoint government to assume its responsibility, both institutions to work together to solve the problems of the nation.
Plevneliev has promised to begin talks with the parties in the National Assembly on May 23, Thursday, and not to delay the procedure.
At a special press conference after the meeting of parliament siderov said that under no circumstances would allow special elections.
In support of prosecutors before the Courthouse citizens gathered with banners reading "Tsatsarov, we are with you", "It's time for retribution" and "GERD = Mafia."
Was formed a human chain in support of SOTIR Tsatsarov "count this time the judiciary not to submit to pressure from politicians. Believe the desire of SOTIR Tsatsarov to fight crime in the political sphere."
  But GERD is not transmitted napalno.Lobirashtiyat recently for GERD Stephen Gamizov attacked viciously SOTIR Tsatsarov from Nova TV.
 Gamizov informed that the question of the behavior of Tsatsarov the day of reflection has consulted with former Chief Prosecutor Boris Velchev. In his informal conversation he explained that removal procedure should have, although it is not spelled out in the law.
"I feel wronged by the Prosecutor" jump Gamizov.
 GERD could not even organize a decent resistance to the universal hatred spread to more than 80% of society.
Ridiculous and controversial figures were removed from nothing in defense of those murky, led by Sokolov, Georgi Markov, Mihail Konstantinov, Minchev.
As tragicomic can only be determined and the alliance between Borisov and Valeri Simeonov on any topic.
 I do not understand how long, media and analysts will continue to reiterate that the parliament was stalemate 120 120.
 Even Borisov began to realize that the forces are against all 97.

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