Saturday, May 4, 2013

Bulgaria in the OSCE report, after those of Freedom House and Transparency International.

Bulgaria in the OSCE report, after those of Freedom House and Transparency International.

Wiretapping scandal in Bulgaria and the perceived interference of MI in the electoral process have found a place in the interim report - April 16 to 30 of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, OSCE.
OSCE observers retell the findings of the Attorney General SOTIR Tsatsarov for detecting illegal wiretapping and conclude that several parties have called the right hand of Borisov to resign.
"Several political parties have questioned the role and participation of the Ministry of Interior in the political and electoral process," wrote in a preliminary report by the OSCE observers.
OSCE also noted that observers have concluded their non-compliance by some private media and media coverage of parties and political forces for a fee.
"Some private electronic and print media continue to fail to indicate clearly and adequately paid up coverage, thereby potentially mislead the audience about the nature of the reports' reveal observers.
OSCE stated that to assess the conduct of the election campaign in the media themselves have started a media monitoring of certain television, radio and newspapers - four TV channels: BNT, bTV, Nova TV and TV7, two radio stations - Radio and Darik and three newspapers - Telegraph 24 hours and Standard.
OSCE notes the "political context", which is the background of the upcoming early elections. "The protests that began in late January 2013, led to the immolation of six people in two weeks in February and March, and several injured residents and police," the document says.
"There are concerns about vote buying, some interlocutors said that Roma continue to be the most vulnerable group," indicating more observers. "
 Austrian newspaper "Der Standard"-click on the years of socialism have changed with the police, secret service, shady groups and private security guards. Shocking that strikes the recorded conversations of the former rulers, the infinite vulgarism and cynicism-of Bulgaria Boyko Borisov was-and it might be headed, a private security firm.
To 2013. Bulgaria is rated as the country with partially free media and in the global ranking of U.S. NGO Freedom House is placed directly in front of Mongolia on the 77th place among 196 countries and territories.
Index on media freedom ahead for Serbia, but Romania (88) and Greece (85) are worse in the Annual Report Freedom of the Media 2013.
Reuters: Bulgarians emigrated abroad.
Bulgaria was placed 75th out of 176 countries in the world in the index of perception of corruption by Transparency International. Bulgarian media have become more vulnerable to political and economic pressure, as some foreign media companies withdrew from in trouble market and local media ownership became more concentrated. While state media as a whole to provide balanced coverage of events, ineffective legislation exposes them to political influence.
Corruption and organized crime remains a serious problem in Bulgaria, says U.S. NGO Freedom House in its annual report on freedom in the world in 2013

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