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26 people have died from bird flu in China. New strain of H7N9 virus from person to person.

26 people have died from bird flu in China.
New strain of H7N9 virus from person to person.

Bird flu mutates in China, is transmitted from person to person.
26 people have died from the new strain of bird flu in China.
The last death was registered in the central part of the country and earlier H7N9 virus was distributed mainly among residents of the eastern provinces.
On Wednesday, experts from the World Health Organization, studying infection in China, warned that the strain in China is a serious threat.
Scientists have expressed concern about the speed with which the infection spreads.
Last week was the first recorded case of infection with H7N9 on the island of Taiwan.
Chinese media circulated gruesome news that Chinese doctors fear the H7N9 virus has mutated and is transmitted from person to person.
The representative of WHO China, Michael O'Leary, confirmed this and throw a bomb that half of the infected patients had no known contact with poultry and most obvious potential source is the transmission from person to person.
Until recently it was almost excluded or at least show was a rarity.
China announced the first case of human infection of H7N9 in late March.
It's been an outbreak of avian flu.
In April, Chinese authorities have notified WHO of six new cases, bringing the total number to 102. Of these, 70 are still in the hospital and 12 are released. Five of the new cases are in Zhejiang province and one in Shanghai.
 There were two new deaths.
The source of infection was identified, expect and other cases of human infection with the virus in China.
Russia intensifies anti-bird flu in China.
In Russia, strengthen the prevention of "bird flu", the emergence of infections in neighboring China.
Travel agents will be informed of the epidemiological situation in China and the potential risk of bird flu during the stay of Russian tourists in China.
Planned measures of the Ministry of Public Health to prevent the introduction and spread of "bird flu" in Buryatia.
The Ministry noted that the checkpoints on the border with sanitary-quarantine control is the statutory body thermometry all persons arriving from China.
Similar precautions were introduced in Baikal.
Clinical picture presented severe acute respiratory syndrome with the development of pneumonia.
Source of infection and mode of transmission is not currently known.

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