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Why lie to pollsters and media before the election?

Why lie to pollsters and media before the election?

How will the electoral studies and why sociologists are well paid and courted at election times?
Secret political science and sociology knows that many conformist voters not to vote for whom they want and whom they convey that to win.
Therefore efforts are not in vain formations and sociologists in recent days, a sociological study desired result is expensive.
"Conformal" is derived from the word "conformism."
Conformism is a change in behavior or belief as a result of group pressure.
Conformist behavior "is personal retreat from the usual position of fear and acceptance of group decisions.
 Tendency to conformity in our society is so strong that very intelligent and well-meaning young people are willing to call white black, and this concern.
 Experiments in this area of ​​social psychologist Solomon Ash are staggering.
In 37% of the respondents succumb and deliberately give wrong answers, such as several people before them. Similar studies of students at Berkeley show even higher rates, with one of them 58% of the students are susceptible to suggestions.
This is the reason for the inexplicable rise of a sociological formation.
The presidential elections of 2011 are elections for president and vice president of Bulgaria, conducted in October 2011
Won Rosen Plevneliev, GERB candidate with 1,692,330 votes (52.58 percent) against the BSP candidate, Ivaylo Kalfin with 1,527,383 votes (47.42 percent) after many accusations of fraud and then sacks bulletins about 5%.
Now forecast to track our sociologists:
MBMD estimate gives 20% Plevneliev against Ivaylo Kalfin at 01:09.
NPOC estimate gives 14% Plevneliev against Ivaylo Kalfin at 26.09.
Center for Analysis and Marketing provides a forecast 15.9% Plevneliev against Ivaylo Kalfin at 09:10.
MBMD forecast gives 13.2% for Plevneliev against Ivaylo Kalfin at 18:10.
Alpha Research provides a forecast 5.1 percent Plevneliev against Ivaylo Kalfin at 19:10.
Median estimate gives 7.2% Plevneliev against Ivaylo Kalfin at 14:09.
  The truth is that both political parties and social scientists know that there is a considerable mass of voters who vote for the winners or those who are expected to win for those who impress them, they will win.
Their rates vary between 6% and 11% of all voters in Bulgaria over the past 23 years.
 Battle of the parties with free money and sociologists is exactly determined for these rates. They need to convey that everything is predetermined, the winner is clear that virtually no choice.
The work of paid and fed with media and television commercials to spread legends of the party, and to reinforce and repeat multiple voice right "sociologists" and as far as can to silence opponents.'s All business.
The problem is who can solve a similar survey and its wide proclamation in the media and by what means.
 All this looks very much like the propaganda through the suggestion of fear of defeat.
Propaganda is the one of the main means of political and ideological manipulation and managed quite successfully by some companies for public relations.
The laws of imitation "of Gabriel Tarde (1890) and" The Psychology of Crowds "by Gustav Lyobon (1895) are two of the first codifications of propaganda techniques, which then affect and Sigmund Freud.
 "Mein Kampf" Hitler was strongly influenced by the theories of Lyobon.
Highs in the use of propaganda as a weapon accomplished propagandist Hitler - Joseph Goebbels.

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