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Technical capabilities of the devices used for the illegal wiretapping of MI in Bulgaria.

Technical capabilities of the devices used for the illegal wiretapping of MI in Bulgaria.


The scandal of illegal or "legal" tapping of MI and vehicles equipped interceptors IMSI (unique code which allows the identification of the SIM card) and IMEI (the unique number of the mobile phone) codes cause a lot of questions.
After briefly delving into each network can be oriented for what it is.
The first and most important point for interception and eavesdropping is International Mobile Subscriber Identity or IMSI, which is used for detection, identification and acquisition of details of subscriber location.
To prevent eavesdropping identification and tracking subscriber, IMSI sent randomly generated TMSI code, the demolition of which is the main task of spyware.
 IMSI is used in each of the mobile network.
An IMSI is presented as a relatively long number up to 15 digits, but may be shorter in different countries and operators.
The first three digits are the country code (MCC), which were followed by mobile network code (MNC), two digits for the European standard or three digits for North America.
 The remaining figures are the number of mobile subscription identification (MSIN) within the customer base of the network.
Another point of interception sniffer is IMEI, which is used by the GSM network to identify valid devices and therefore can be used to stop a stolen phone from accessing the network (here mention the phone and not the SIM card).
For example, if a mobile phone is stolen, the owner called the operator and the phone enters the "black list" using its IMEI number, whether the phone's SIM card is changed.
 IMEI is used only to identify the device and there is no other way for the subscriber to the operator ..
The subscriber is identified by transmission of IMSI number stored on a SIM card that can be transferred to another phone.
However, many network performance and security are enabled by knowing of the device that is used by wiretaps.
The cars are equipped with interceptors IMEI (the unique number of the mobile phone) codes, which gives full independence to the cops by the mobile operators.
As a whole apparatus constitutes a separate, independent cells that imitate those of mobile operators.
 Effective distance of about 200 meters (unconfirmed), GSM-they close "hang" for that cell and all traffic to the operator's cell passes through the apparatus of the Ministry.
Easy to identify other phones that use wiretaps even if SIM cards are not in his name.
From the website of the Ministry of Finance understand: "The system will make it possible to tap both incoming and outgoing calls and SMS to target and deliver real identity of the target. System needs to simultaneously record four conversations of subscribers of cellular phones , and intercepted by the system specified by the operator, regardless of whether they are incoming or outgoing. "
One requirement is that the technique can be moved from one car to another, and to work with 12 V vehicle electrical system, which will be installed.
Technology allows locating the subscriber in a 3G network, so no legends traceability 3G fell into the canal.
Manual Locator helps in easy detection of the object in an urban environment using so-called. antenna hidden under clothing.
Phone of the object can be tapped, and when turned off and the device serves as a "bug."
Just Off is some protection.
The apparatus may also copy all data, contacts, messages, call history from SIM card to the site and create a duplicate.
 GPS and electronic compass to locate it the smallest details.

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