Monday, April 22, 2013

Taliban kidnapped Turks and Russians in Eastern Afghanistan.

Taliban kidnapped Turks and Russians in Eastern Afghanistan.

Nine people were kidnapped after the emergency landing of a helicopter in Logar province, according to Afghan authorities.
The Taliban have kidnapped nine people from the civilian helicopter that made an emergency landing in eastern Afghanistan, including six Turkish citizens.
Turkish helicopter made ​​an emergency landing in bad weather on Sunday night and security forces have found the helicopter, but the people were not in it.
There is currently no comment from the Taliban.
Authorities urged tribal elders to secure the release.
Turkish company had a major project in the hostel, and they were employees, but without more details.
Turkey has about 1,800 troops serving in ISAF, but unlike its European allies, and the common religion of their mission is limited to patrols and their soldiers are not involved in combat operations.

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