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South Korea worries about multiple burst firing Scud missiles and medium-range Rodong and long-range.

South Korea worries about multiple burst firing Scud missiles and medium-range Rodong and long-range.

United Forces Command in Seoul increased willingness by one notch to N3 status
Sources from the Ministry of Defence said on condition of anonymity that North Korea is capable of conducting simultaneous burst firing multiple missiles "Scud" and Rodong medium-range and long-range missiles.
In recent days, the U.S. aerospace intelligence intercepted at least two mobile launchers, a more advanced medium range missiles - Musudan with a range of 4,000 km possibly aimed at Japan and Guam.
The northeastern coast of North Korean missiles are "Scud" a range of 300-500 km.
North Korea completed preparations for the launch of a ballistic missile with a nuclear warhead, according to early south Korean intelligence sources.
In other intelligence the most powerful bombs that North Korea has 10 kt.
Central News Agency of North Korea said the Korean peninsula is to nuclear war, and warns diplomats, tourists and foreigners working for foreign organizations in South Korea, to leave that country.
From EU diplomatic missions in Pyongyang are: Germany, Britain, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Romania.
North Korea reiterated its threat to strike at U.S. military bases in Japan, amid indications that it is preparing to launch the missiles, which could happen at any moment, says Japanese newspaper "Mainichi Shimbun".

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