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Reactions of crimes detected by examination of prosecution for eavesdropping from the police in Bulgaria.

Reactions of crimes detected by examination of prosecution for eavesdropping from the police in Bulgaria.

 ITAR-TASS: "The Bulgarian Prosecutor's Office confirmed that politicians, business representatives and judicial officers were illegally tapped by employees of the Ministry of Interior of Bulgaria."

Tsatsarov: "Neither SANS or MI should have such a department. Should be a separate agency outside the security services, which deals with this" and "We will not hide anything from the public."

At the time of the study, "Borisov" were charged eight permits use of SSA's per hour - 15 000 special intelligence devices annually and 55,000 requests for access to traffic data, said MP from BSP Maya Manolova to BTV.

Kuneva: "Today prosecutors confirmed all our worst fears. Already became clear that we live in a society of fear and tyranny. Worst practices introduced and used by totalitarian regimes used today - six years after the accession of Bulgaria to the European Union.
"It is shocking that instead of trying to raise the incomes and quality of education and health, we are dealing with protection of basic freedoms that should be protected by the Constitution. Amazing that we are all subjected to similar political repression" , Kuneva said and added: "What kind of freedom can be no question, when hundreds of thousands of euro are spent on illegal wiretapping of political opponents of the government, businessmen, journalists and human rights activists. Prosecutors should not stop its investigation to the providers of illegal wiretapping . Instead, you should come to the guarantors, as is the responsibility solely of former Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and former Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov. ask - on what grounds they again seek the confidence of the Bulgarian citizens. "

"Attack" "Attack" insists Tsvetanov to resign as chairman of the election headquarters of GERD, not to participate in the election campaign against it and immediately start investigating the press the "Attack".
Why are the findings of the prosecution of which, it is clear that the primary responsibility for unauthorized and illegal wiretaps in the period 2009-2011 is the former Minister of Interior.

Borislav Tsekov-leader of the civil list "Modern Bulgaria" in Sofia and Blagoevgrad:
"The offenses today gave prosecutors a practice in MI are more scandalous. Shows this monstrous system of civil rights violations in one Member State. This is not just a Bulgarian, and pan scandal, because a shadow on core values EU and European political space. "

Interior Minister Petya Parvanov will meet with the Prosecutor Sotir Tsatsarov to get results of its inspection:
"After discussion MIA got meeting with the Attorney General to get the results of the examination of prosecution signal interception. Meeting will comment on later."

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