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Musudan ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads on alert in North Korea.

Musudan ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads on alert
in North Korea.

In North Korea, at least one ballistic missile "Musudan" vertical faces, ready to launch, announced the official U.S. representative
  Military intelligence, and that North Korea probably has put nuclear warheads on ballistic missiles, but the reliability of the weapon was weak because it was not tested.
Member of Colorado first made the first public confirmation by the U.S. government that Pyongyang may have succeeded in his efforts to acquire nuclear weapons.
"Medium confidence Agency believes that North Korea now has nuclear weapons capable of being carried by ballistic missiles," it said in a report cited by the lawmaker Doug Lamborn.
The lawmaker also stressed that the reliability of such a weapon would be small.
Missile "Musudan" are located near the northeastern city Uonsan and put on standby, said first Japanese agency "Kyodo".
Musudan range is 4,000 km. naya and likely aimed at U.S. bases.
South Korea worries about multiple burst firing Scud missiles and Rodong medium-to long-range.
Ballistic missiles Tephodon-2 with range up to 9000 km, until intelligence silent, and they are the most dangerous in the event that Americans slept through them.
United Forces Command in Seoul increased willingness by one notch to N3 status
Sources from the Ministry of Defence said on condition of anonymity that North Korea is capable of conducting simultaneous burst firing multiple missiles "Scud" and Rodong medium-range and long-range missiles.

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