Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Investigation and prosecution in Bulgaria questioned former Interior Minister Tsvetanov.

Investigation and prosecution in Bulgaria questioned former Interior Minister Tsvetanov.


Sofia Prosecutor's Office filed charges against four bosses in the department of the Interior Ministry, which is responsible for the implementation of special investigative means.
 Sergei Katzarov Kamen Kostov and Tsvetan Ivanov accused of malpractice occurred with grave consequences. If convicted under this article of the Criminal Code, it threatens them in prison from 1 to 8 years.
Sergei Katzarov is a second charge for the use of a false document.
 Radko Katzarov is accused of attempting to damage the recorder service.
Despite attempts to hide from the media questioning Tsvetanov, the media were not notified of the official announcement of a letter sent via e-mail by Ivan Ivanov email address Cvetanov_sgp@mail.ru
Close analogy is the Russian hero Ivan Ivanic-jokes.
Former Tsvetanov was interrogated five hours in the Metropolitan investigation in connection with the investigation against the head of CDCOC Stanimir Florov.
Stanimir Florov was removed, brought against him in pre-trial proceedings. Prosecution is adamant that there is sufficient evidence of a crime by Stanimir Florov of art. 302a - bribery, particularly large and particularly aggravated.
Scandal Stanimir Florov affects Tsvetanov as Florov was the head of one of the most important departments of the ministry.
After the interrogation of Tsvetanov investigation, he had specialized in interrogation and prosecution.
After more than 2.5 hours stay there, Tsvetan Tsvetanov declined to provide full information to the media about the nature of the conduct interrogations.
Against Tsvetanov far no charges.
Tsvetanov said yourself that friend Florov of 1973, but did not know it was developed, although as minister nearly four years has had full access to information and he appointed Florov for zam.glaven Secretary of the Interior.
 In addition to the development against Florov, Tsvetanov was questioned in the investigation and his statements against the prosecution that after the announcement of details of illegal SIMs, inflict the next blow to the investigation against one of his most trusted men of the anti-mafia boss.
Then Tsvetanov see "treason" expressed suspicion that "secret societies in the judicial system" behind actions against Florov and wondered "whether those checked at the time, there was no information about their services outrages that were made during all these years. "
Nabvlyudava is a serious hacker attack on some of the media covering the events.

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