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Imbalance in the production and consumption of electricity. Communication ESO.

Imbalance in the production and consumption of electricity.
Communication ESO.

Up with an imbalance between production and consumption in EEC
In connection with the inability to maintain a balance between production and consumption in the EEC today 03.04.2013g ESO limits the production of electricity to all producers in the country, including PVPP, VyaETs, nuclear power, heating and factory plants with a combined production cycle .
Central Dispatch is not able to balance the energy system and ordered electricity supplier - CEZ, EVN and "Energo Pro" to begin to stop the plants that produce green electricity, announced the ESO.
NPP "Kozloduy" by 12.00 am on Wednesday reduced the capacity of the fifth block of the third and sixth block in half.
Green plants can be forcibly stopped for a period of 48 hours. Evil tongues say never been said many times in 48 hours can not be stopped, so it was an option to quickly bring them to bankruptcy.
But they have their own and it was the most cruel scam of recent years, and are protected by European laws and decisions.
This is the result of the policies of GERD and to fail more than 1,400 small and medium-sized companies from the beginning of 2012. The number of exemptions from such enterprises than 97,000 people.
 And now they want to continue with the second term, I have not heard anything meaningful to offer except that we got rid of Djankov, for which demand from the winter of 2009, when he stopped paying companies.
Then it is started the destruction of Bulgaria in the name of a zero deficit, a waiting room, manic ideas for euro entry (well, that Emblem fail in this task, because if you were logged in, we'd have to pay pensions and salaries and the Greeks) of patients ambitions of a deeply damaged person.
At the time of the fall of the Borisov government in February unemployment reached 12.3% - the highest since 2005. Since over 22% of the population lives below the official poverty line, but actually over 45%.
Without livelihoods are 410,000 people, of whom-men - 241,000, women - 169,000.
Increasing the unemployed in 2011 compared with 34,000 people unemployed now 2.9 million, or 12.3%.
For young people between 15 and 29 years was 21% unemployment.

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