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I ask, what and where are these 10 million Levs to buy elections promised by young boss GERD?

I ask, what and where are these 10 million Levs to buy elections promised by young boss GERD?

The findings of a new hidden camera show that "under the auspices of Stoichkov, Emil Dimitrov organize people (students) and they supported GERD, although present for opposition under the name" Eagle Bridge ".
Party protest "Orlov Most" appear only after protests collection of rally like the pigs.
The seminar is a "party of protest" Eagle Bridge ", which was the chief of the youth of GERB Danube city announced that all together should provide about 30,000 supporters.
The entry refers to the minimum wage, which is 310 Levs and another 30 Levs on election day, to buy, to drink, to draw the money and fuel.
Talk to girls and one MEP and secret questions and answers.
Perhaps the girls get paid?
That, my question is for the money.
Gives roughly 30000 x 340 = 10200000 Levs.
Do not have money for children and young mothers?
Are you sick of the money and drugs?
Are you are saved from snacks?
Do not do than EDCs and high electricity bills?
 Certainly not ask the judiciary, it has other problems.

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