Monday, April 15, 2013

Bulgaria's chief prosecutor announced terrible disorders of the Interior checking tapping on socialists signal.

Bulgaria's chief prosecutor announced terrible disorders of the Interior checking tapping on socialists signal.

The examination of the prosecution finds serious violations in the interception of the Interior.
At the beginning of the press conference Tsatsarov said the examination report has been submitted to the Permanent Representative of the Secretary General of the European Commission in Bulgaria. "Seeing is upon request and did not have any savings elements of the report."
  Begin pretrial proceedings in SDOTO.
Silence of guilt of former Interior Minister Tsvetanov.
On March 29, Tsvetan Tsvetanov announced it would withdraw from politics if allegations of Sergey Stanishev illegal tapping of politicians and public figures are confirmed by the prosecution in the studio of BTV, which surprisingly appear until Stanishev gave an interview there.
 Information was deleted hours before the Ministry of Interior.
Were declared criminal check results in MI after the signal to the BSP chief prosecutor Sotir Tsatsarov illegal tapping of politicians, businessmen and magistrates.
The last two weeks were interviewed officials from the Directorate responsible for interception, and former Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov. According Sotir Tsatsarov any questioning is led by two prosecutors. All of them have reported any personally twice a day how's check.
 "We found a number of violations in their everyday work car for specialized equipment. There are striking differences in the travel books of the car with the technique, said Deputy Prosecutor Bob Academy.
He noted that the verification required all legal documents. At the moment we have all the data on the numbers and job descriptions of staff. They interviewed 22 persons. In the case report was prepared on the technical characteristics of the equipment. Requirement is all the documentation relating to equipment. A car with an implicit technique for operational maintenance is withdrawn. Are required SDRV data regarding the use of this vehicle.
Head of Department in the Ministry SDOTO attempted to thwart the prosecution investigate the signal tapping, told a news conference, Deputy Attorney General Bob Academy. There have been attempts to thwart inspection by Radko Dimitrov, head of Division 04 in SDOTO said the prosecutor.
 "On March 28 Radko Dimitrov had a 50th anniversary, and sat down to draw with colleagues. After the introduction of the signal party was stopped by several other officers that night made dismantling the system and pushed as hard as they found, so phoned up Dimitrov importing company. The next day Radko Dimitrov deleted all data. An instruction such activity should be performed only by authorized personnel. During the inspection was performed and an attempt to mislead the review team on the detailed features of the technique. "
In SDOTO no written regulation tasks of each team, there is no regulation for the conduct of the so-called training trips, and written results of their conduct, the Academy said.
There is a lack of control over the operation of this equipment by the officials. Create opportunities for unauthorized use of this technique are part of the audit findings.
Obrazuvani are criminal proceedings against three directors SDOTO MI:
Against Tsvetan Ivanov, that he has not fulfilled his obligations as an officer, and did not create the necessary conditions for the use of specialized equipment, thereby have created serious consequences for undermining the prestige of the Interior.
Kamen Kostov against that as director SDOTO MI, has not fulfilled its obligations under the service, did not create the necessary arrangements and procedures for the use of specialized equipment for electronic surveillance, which have created serious consequences for undermining the prestige of the Interior .
Against Sergei Katzarov SDOTO as Director of Interior, has not fulfilled its obligations under the service.
Radko against Dimitrov - that record is destroyed, and deleted data from the maps of vehicle with specialized equipment.
 "There have exhausted all responsible persons in the course of the investigation may establish and such." Said Kokinov.
While not recover deleted information, we can not confirm or deny whether these employees have worked at the direction or on their own initiative, explained Academy.
Tsatsarov: "The team that works with this technique are submitted only numbers."
In paid by Stanishev signal was a description of data and technology, according to which from September 2009 to date, led by Tsvetanov group in the Interior Ministry tapped politicians, judges, public figures, including leaders of the protests, and the group is led by the head of SDOTO.
 "The scheme is as follows - Minister Tsvetanov person gives orders to the head of the Ministry of Interior who SDOTO be tapped - without the request of the RCS, etc. SDOTO check what phone is face down and the task of the team," explained the signal Sergey Stanishev .
  Sasho Dikov not get answers to questions asked at the press conference for fault Tsvetanov and Roman Vasilev and why the prosecution has delayed the start of the examination, it is stopped in criminal proceedings only average in MI.
However, the prosecution is clear that the investigation continues and there may be more defendants.
It was not clear where and against whom the car is used for tapping. Tapping technique, the bus is full autonomy enjoyed by mobile operators.

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