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Why failed party wants a second term?

Why failed party wants a second term?

GERB party of the self-immolations are desperate people, corruption, mismanagement, useless and harmful to the administration of high unemployment and desperate poverty still wants to manage.
At the time of the fall of the Borisov government in February unemployment reached 12.3% - the highest since 2005. Since over 22% of the population lives below the official poverty line.
Why spend additional financial resources of around 17 billion last three years lv.za people took to the streets to say they have no money?
Over 100 million used Tsvetanov RCC's and tapping and MI budget is over 1.1 billion lev, and the Department of Education with 430 million iznemogva health ministry with even less, only 368.2 million
Over the past three years GERD fed MoI budget in the form of additional funding with justification Schengen-in cabinet in May 2011 gave 30 million lev finishing 7 million lev computer-communications center.
We saw how we got into Schengen.
In terms of demographic catastrophe unprecedented measures to promote fertility, family support is not provided.
A vast Interior Ministry will continue to spew young retirees Failure due enormously bloated state.
 But pouring more money for social inclusion of Roma in the labor market without any result.
  More than 68 percent of the state social spending goes for Roma Integration for their return to society.
Less than 20 percent of Roma education, less than 14 per cent starting job through job fairs.
 This defeats the literacy programs in this state.
With 300 million, however, increased funding for the sector, "Security", 20 million are released from January to happy pigs, chickens happy, but not for children of Bulgaria.
This is happening amid news that for the first time since 1947 the number of Bulgarians under 7 million, said researchers from the Center for Demographic Policy.
GERB government budget for Bulgarians in 2013:
 Increased budget for the power structures: MI 13.5%, 13.4% SANS, NIS 12.8%, 10.7% NGOs.
Reduced budget (health and education): -19.6% MH, MES - 10%.
Official data of the National Statistical Institute in 2012.
Without livelihoods are 410,000 people, of whom-men - 241,000, women - 169,000.
Increasing the unemployed in 2011 compared with 34,000 people unemployed now 2.9 million, or 12.3%.
For young people between 15 and 29 years was 21% unemployment.

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