Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What people expect from the party of the extraordinary parliamentary elections in Bulgaria?

What people expect from the party of the extraordinary parliamentary elections in Bulgaria?

Excluding the hard core party, most people have not decided whether to vote and who to vote for because they are disgusted, and mostly from GERD, but also other power passed through the last 23 years.
Most likely to be interested in the election platforms a little more serious than previous elections and these platforms have at least somewhere to ensure fulfillment of their wishes displayed on rallies, demonstrations and interviews, such as:
Judicial and penal responsibility for MPs and ministers. -62%.
Changing the Constitution. -30%.
Lustration to participate in government-33 percent.
Lustration for State Security agents, 36%.
You do not raise questions about the accounts of monopoly, because solving them would be political suicide ritual system.
  I want to say that this time people felt his power and is healthier not to be lied to, as usual.
This is probably the last chance of the traditional parties and day, because looming gypsy-proletarian revolution.
The protests led to a general crisis of capitalism in Bulgaria because he was deformed by an oligarchy appointed by the communists, capitalists, fathead current local aristocrats and feudal lords.
The fact that the slogan of nationalization.
The truth is that none of the demands of protesters Bulgarians will not happen without a new, truly independent of political parties and politicians, corrupt judicial system, because the natural desire of all criminal people in power, is to provide timely, accurate, and corrupt magistrates dependent and investigators guarantors of lack of jurisdiction, for the next 4-5 years, and then eventual exit from power.
 Only platform guarantees immediate change in the judicial system, get some confidence in the power of the early parliamentary elections, and with a firm commitment to rapidly provide independence of the judiciary and the lustration of all magistrates and investigators supported appointed and designated by politicians .
Only guarantee for direct election of magistrates for the removal and dissolution of the current SJC Constitutional Court composed of courts, Attorney prosecutors and prosecutors at all levels can make even a small indulgence of a political party.
Should not be underestimated and desires of the Lustration involved in government and State Security agents.
Good parties themselves to make that lustration, even in the election lists, do not reach the lustration encounter violent demonstrations and riots following next winter (God forbid).
It's okay to stop and foolishly disbanded in theft and corruption, bureaucracy at all levels.

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