Monday, March 11, 2013

USA has a policy in support of al Qaeda.

USA has a policy in support of al Qaeda.

Washington realized with horror that the most combat-ready part of the Syrian opposition fight led by old friends of the United States - "Al Qaeda" in Iraq. "They changed the name of" Al Nusra Front ", but their essence remains the same.
In America, the organization was immediately declared a "terrorist" and start talking stuff like that does not believe who encourage their arms by now.
Harsh words against the U.S. "war hero" of course had the opposite effect intended effect. The popularity of jihadists soared to the skies in Aleppo and Homs and thousands of protesters under the black banner traditional chanting "Death to America" ​​along with "Death to Bashar."
 "Front Al Nusra" said Shia "Hezbollah" as its main enemy.
Even the American press began a debate that recognition of "Al Nusra Front" terrorist gang is a bit hasty decision.
 Washington now prefers PVO May complexes and chemical weapons to remain in the hands of Bashar al-Assad.
The most interesting is that the rebels now have air defense complexes and components for chemical weapons captured stores.
Syrian rebels has officially announced Shia "Hezbollah" as its main enemy.
The bad thing is that the border with Israel were taken hostage UN peacekeepers.
In the past, disappearing targets regimes for small sins.
True, but Syrian rebels kidnapped UN peacekeepers quickly fast traveled to the border with Jordan to be released.
Support for "Al Qaeda" comes from Islamic charities Gulf of veterans from the wars in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya and comes just for "Al Qaeda" or "al Nusra Front" as renamed.
And these people are the real leaders of the Syrian uprising, not the least respected al-Khatib, appointed head of the Syrian National Coalition.
American diplomacy supports monarchies in the Persian Gulf and frustration leads informal and semi-legal policy in support of Syrian rebels say a - "Al Qaeda."
Who are the bad people, evil people, Wahhabi jihadis you know, the backbone of "Al Nusra" supported by the best friend of the U.S. - Saudi King Abdullah in which Wahhabism is the official state religion.
Syria turns into another terrible failure of Western diplomacy, although the days of the Assad regime are numbered. Only a small joy that only Russians lost influence in the region.
But who seriously thinks that Russia is an enemy of the U.S.?

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