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The health system is a bomb in the foundations of society in Bulgaria.

The health system is a bomb in the foundations of society in Bulgaria.

After hunger, poverty and high winter bills health care system is the next bomb in the foundations of society.
Without a national consensus on health care, it will doidat next big trouble for everyone.
Decisions must be taken on a broader level, because obviously the doctors, drug companies and pharmacists should almost be excluded from decision making because of legitimate doubts that first put their private financial and corporate interests.
Doctors were brought from mindless bureaucracy of health insurance there, having the main purpose alone clinical pathway and making money for it, but what happens to the patient - do not care much.
Drug prices went agenda, money for children with rare diseases, tomorrow I'll be talking about transplant or something.
In the last two years, 17 community hospitals have ceased and there, reported the association of municipal hospitals.
One reason for the failure of the municipal hospitals were sharp increase in the requirements for all hospitals in terms of personnel and equipment status.
The standards were designed to be a handy tool in the hands of the government and can manipulate them.
Reasons for the failure of the municipal hospitals were also delegated budgets of hospitals that are not fully paid for work done and that they did not pay for the ambulance.
It is time to admit that there are no such animal as "free health care" because the last thing the health care system already has cured the patient.
Years in a row has a direct interest in the big man players to be maintained for as long as disease, suffering and mostly willing to pay the top, bottom, forced to donate and similar tricks.
"Cures" are people who do not need hospitalization, the only interest of hospitals to have more and better paid "runners". Medical institutions to provide patients with enough tricks and annual cash pay more and more.
A mild cases easily find their place in hospitals, unlike the seriously ill.
Bulgaria's health care system is now functioning in a mixture of three main systems, Bismarck, Semashko and mixed 'Beveridge'.
Real state is unable to provide more than 4 million people - pensioners and children who meet the law not to mention the poor and those who are unable to pay.
National Health Insurance Fund remains an absolute monopoly of the public health insurance remain essentially tax which they seek to avoid.
Insured persons must be strongly motivated and have a real opportunity to choose freely the insurance company, the GP and the hospital, but also controlled by money quantity, quality and price received uslugi.V Bulgaria this is a mirage.
Obviously keeping this archaic-socialist system in the interest of big players, pharmaceutical companies, pharmacy chains and medical bureaucracy at all levels.
They lie to us, we live in a market society, not included, although partial market principles in health care.
Some developed countries have implemented systems that use the principles of solidarity and social justice for health insurance for the unemployed and independent entities and employees acting for the competition, minimal government intervention and private property.

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