Friday, March 22, 2013

The crisis in Europe and can you overcome it?

The crisis in Europe and can you overcome it?

The crisis in Europe brought her the Europeans, with laziness and voluntarily transferred to the Far East, China, India, Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia and everywhere "dirty industries" such as metallurgy and allowed Korea, China & Co and used to steal away decades of high technology has led to the crisis and low labor productivity, with unreasonably high salaries and pensions, shorter work week, paid holidays and much more at the "welfare state" and any social "acquis".
Conservative position exit through austerity and fiscal discipline and leftist ideas for coordinated investment plan will only lead to a slow agony.
With the demonstration of muscles on the international arena China made it clear that his interests expand in this game emerged key players: U.S., Russia, Iran, North Korea, Israel, China, India, Pakistan and somewhere far back and the EU.
China's economic growth as the main threat to the West and the main reason for the crisis, and projections are that its financial expansion of global markets over the next decade will increase.
By 2020 the yuan will probably become a global currency for settlement. All these trends have become a major challenge.
According to the forecast in the near future, Chinese goods will continue to displace local producers.
Beijing will also strengthen its position in the IMF and the WTO.
Last year China became the largest trading partner, overtaking the U.S..
Ministry of Commerce of China, using data from the European statistical office Eurostat notes that China ranks second in volume of EU exports to other countries.
Decline of the U.S. in recent years, a combination of political inexperience, poor teams, the growing power of China, India, Brazil and emancipation from American domination, increasing anti-Americanism in the world and the loss of strategic allies, naturally impacted negatively asleep in his byurgerskoto complacency Europe.
Some e, the political power game is predominantly based on military force.
Europe has no military trump cards, but they gave way to the U.S., and the U.S. has retreated, slowly ..
How come Old Europe out of the crisis?
The first and indispensable condition is the creation of European armed forces.
Urgent measures to address the demographic catastrophe that has fallen in Europe.
Increase productivity, reduce unrealistic and unjustified salaries and pensions, increasing the working week, reducing holiday pay and elimination of "welfare state" and any social "acquis".
This is a long process, but until then you can come and entropy bounds and a series of wars to redistribute recent fossil resources.
A conservative stance to end the crisis by limiting public spending and budget discipline and leftist ideas for coordinated investment plan will only lead to a slow agony.

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