Monday, March 18, 2013

Recent polls in Bulgaria like an attempt to save the status quo.

Recent polls in Bulgaria like an attempt to save the status quo.
Recent polls of Gallup and Median resemble an attempt to save the status quo.
It is adhering to the wings of the State Security and the old party nomenclature-capitalist oligarchy, recent mug-local aristocrats and feudal lords against the looming threat of total hungry and dissatisfied with the status quo. The study of "Median" for March shows that if the election were held today, they would vote for GERB 21.3%, while that of BSP - 20.4%. According to the study, "Gallup" GERB will take 19.7% of the votes and BSP - 18.6% with data from February. 71% of Bulgarians believe that Borisov has resigned in order to save himself and his GERB discontent of the people, and 29% believe that it is done to save the country. Why not see the rise of the nationalists, Greens and Communists is not clear, you will see the elections. Do not want to hear about the participation of the protesters of snap elections. Curiously crutches status of GERD, Yanet, and Mareshki Namkoisi. It seems people do not lie only on expensive advertising and began to remember who's who 

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