Saturday, March 2, 2013

President of Bulgaria and ideas for advice.

President of Bulgaria and ideas for advice.

Some of the worst predictions come true, Plevneliev not crack the first attempt.
Hopefully not make that mistake with the interim government and the public council again.
Representatives of the protesters and left the meeting at Confederation president, but this was unacceptable by statist perspective.
The work of the President at that time, was trying to ospre and hopefully prevent further protests and destabilize the country, not to put representatives of protest against those who are for the street than twenty days.
But we do not have many statesmen our shows.
"I will not sit at a table with those whom we fight. Going out to fight until the end," said then, leaving Angel Slavchev protesters.
Representatives of the Confederation also left complain that the meeting attended by people who represent themselves as Anthony Galabov Petar Ganev and others.
However, the President said the Council did not shadow government, it is a form of substitute parliament "and even" Public Council will, he will work on rules and responsibly. Depends on all of us to run it with content. "
President Rosen Plevneliev alone would determine the members of the Public Council. (Why, if we have a community council, to define it, those who earned it).
And he would say, what status will have the authority.
He would offer advice caretaker government will only decide whether and how to use it.
It will approve and proposed Plevneliev members.
And you have the right to reject or accept the order from the president's work. (All supposedly democratic idea I like trying to escape from responsibility).
 The names of the ministers in the new cabinet will be announced in the middle of next week.
Thesis Power Deputy - Chief of Staff to the President and former head of the National Security Agency Tsvetlin Yovchev deadly wrong.
Even Danev, head of the Chamber of Commerce, was adamant that the interim government should not have people who were in political offices the last three governments and members of parliament last two. An exception may be made only for ministers responsible for European programs.
Nor would anyone ever accept already failed assassination story about Israel and lodging - Nikolay Mladenov.
A deputy ministers for Borisov's not talking.
Why nobody talks about emancipation and the complete separation of the judicial system, through elections, not yasno.Veroyatno will come on the agenda at the next election without waiting for the new constitution.
It's an election of judges and prosecutors, and no Supreme Judicial Council, appointed by political parties with dirty deals to us and started giving orders concerning dealing with their property on the waterfront.
Otherwise, a current dependent at least in purpose, prosecutors and judges will never fulfill the wishes of the Bulgarian judicial and criminal liability for MPs and ministers (57%).
Jan. Americans see them, great friends Borisov.

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