Monday, March 11, 2013

One party round table and two civic movements for two days in Gabrovo, Plovdiv and Sofia.

One party round table and two civic movements for two days in Gabrovo, Plovdiv and Sofia.

Obviously most of the "leaders" of the protest want to bring the country into chaos. How exactly imagine the power in their own hands without making parties do not know, but the story clearly missed school knows-called dictatorship, despotism, fascism, communism and similar.
Also what exactly is the dictator-Borisov or someone is still unclear informal?
  Representatives of the protesters in Sofia and Gabrovo launched two civil movements explicitly explained that this is not future parties.
The majority of the "leaders" explicitly clarified that no parties and no further claims to sit for elections and to exercise civilian control and announce early elections illegitimate because their demands for changes in the electoral code were not accepted.
In Gabrovo Angel Slavchev declared: "At this stage no party establishment. We are not an end in itself, our goal is really to gain control and visibility of what is happening and make some decisions makers. We believe this is the first step to declassify these mafia deals that were made in years. "
In Sofia, the protesters announced their intention to form a civil movement "Orlov most - for Change", at least one of their leaders Seniors anonymous protester raises confusion.
Roundtable held in Plovdiv do.
They were united in defense of Rosen Plevneliev.
Participants announced the establishment of a nomination committee "Plovdiv", which will work to solve the problems of citizens, small businesses, and to improve the conditions of life and business in the region and differentiated from the traditional Sunday protest.
 In Plovdiv, they will have their own procession of 15 hours.
Fearing attempts to collapse of the currency board.
A day earlier, a civil initiative "Orlov most - people in unity", about 40 BAND power of protests in the capital and surrounding towns were organized in the union hall of the "Support" and decided unanimously that must quickly prepare and coordinate things in order to qualify for participation at this parliamentary vote, the elections on May 12.
Obviously you will need to use an existing bearer party as Rossen Dimitrov.
 Varna protesters met with councilors and izpokaraha again.
Apparently unable to share power.

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