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Nightmare in Germany and NATO is Russia to buy base in Cyprus and the Mediterranean.

Nightmare in Germany and NATO is Russia  to buy base in Cyprus and the Mediterranean.

Nightmare of Germany and Russia to buy out of the Cyprus crisis, obtaining strategic island in the Mediterranean Sea.
We should not forget that Russia now lost their only naval base in the region, one in Tartus, Syria.
Today, representatives of the European Commission and the Russian Government will discuss the Cyprus crisis.
Martin Schulz criticized the decision of Merkel for financial assistance to Cyprus, including the forced removal of part of the bank deposits of the island.
According to Schultz main priority is keeping the EP deposits of citizens in the region and the implementation of the law on deposit insurance in the EU, which provides deposit guarantee of up to € 100,000 in EU banks.
German intelligence believes that the main beneficiaries of the bailout of Cyprus from the eurozone will be Russian oligarchs, businessmen and gangsters, and this is the main reason Cypriot investors may be forced to take part in saving the country, which is unprecedented decision in Europe.
"The business model of Cyprus led to that country is no longer solvent, Russian investors billions stored in Cyprus and their money is not going to be bailed out at the expense of European taxpayers," said Schaeuble.
But Putin can stop gas supplies to Germany, the main engine of agreement bailout for Cyprus.
Russia might turn to unconventional perceived as an attack on its citizens and their money.
In Cyprus, some $ 68 billion, are foreigners, most of them about 35 billion of Russians, assuming the presence of over 18 billion dollars in dirty deposits of the Russian mafia.
19 billion are people and companies, and about $ 40 billion have been disbursed as loans to Russian companies based in Cyprus.
Russians in Cyprus, they were not asked questions about the origin of the money and 10% income tax in January and the agreement between Cyprus and Russia to avoid double taxation finally decided things.
Germany threatens to apply controlled bankruptcy of the two largest banks on the island - Bank of Cyprus and Nicosia, Cyprus Popular Bank.V even think to nationalize the health insurance reserve fund for about 3.5 billion euros, or most likely unwanted by the German money come from a new loan from Russia.
There are ideas for nationalization of pension funds and companies with state participation, which is about 2-3 billion. The sum can be transformed into government bonds.
Cyprus wants Russia rescheduling the loan of 2.5 billion, with another five years, at a lower rate, that Cyprus received in 2011 from Russia and a new loan of at least 5 billion.
Plots for sale are Bank of Cyprus Popular Bank "Gazprom" to 4 billion and more that did not appeal to Europe.
Nicosia wants to give as a kind of collateral for Russian help still undeveloped and unproven offshore gas reserves near Cyprus.

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