Friday, March 8, 2013

New Iron Curtain for Bulgaria and Romania, the Germans descend.

New Iron Curtain for Bulgaria and Romania, the Germans descend.

Iron Curtain is linked to the failed policies of GERD on organized crime, the functioning of the judiciary, corruption, and a desire to stop the influx of gypsies going in Germany, only higher welfare.
Now even Germany's interior minister said visas for Bulgarians and Romanians also trying to stop the influx of Roma from Romania and Bulgaria, "Whoever comes to Germany, only to receive social benefits can be returned back to their country but no it stops immediately traveled back since. We must remove this option "
and more, "said persons should receive a ban on visas for 1 to 2 years."
"We need to pay attention to the overall political situation in a country, organized crime, the functioning of the judiciary, corruption," German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich.
All this just grist to the mill of skeptics and opponents of NATO.
Euro skepticism is disapproving attitude towards the EU as a whole or to specific aspects of the business and its development.
The main types are economically euro skepticism for state sovereignty to the democratic deficit in the EU and its institutional and socio imperfection, which is supported by leftist with social criticism for lack of focus.
 NATO is no longer seen as a power structure outweighs the fact that the U.S. did not want to spend more money for Europe, NATO has already persuaded anyone that is a guarantor of peace in Europe and anywhere in the world and is based in fact an open sluginazh Europe to the U.S..

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