Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mayor of Varna resign without revealing the awful truth, as he had promised.

Mayor of Varna resign without revealing the awful truth, as he had promised.

Probably a lot of hurt to the only mayor of Varna old people with rallies and marches?
Surrender was announced in the lobby on the second floor of the municipality where they tried to tidy klakyorski spectacle of wards and dependent Yordanov.
 Such unfair share was held recently with children sports school with expensive posters, posters that evening were in the hands of supporting Gypsies Yordanov.
This came after more than 20 days after the protests and Presidents is rejected Yordanov wishes for a special session of the City Council.
Single Yanko Stanev it stayed true, surely there are others, but sharply.
Outright threats to all that during the long years involved with him in the "management" and creating "terrible truths" were not met.
Yordanov filtered "farewell" speech, and earn yourself pure and holy.
It turned out that more than 30 signal from Kiril Yordanov were submitted to prosecutors in Bulgaria in recent years, and the commission to investigate cases of corruption in high places of power have been reported for mayors, pharaohs, including for Varna Mayor Kiril Yordanov .
In Varna signal, received three days ago, the applicants say in Varna Municipality had organized criminal group, headed by Kiril Yordanov - councilors, heads of departments, business representatives, who have been pre-adjusted procurement, "said the strange Bird Yanev and "I do not know what Varna prosecutors. Wake up please. "

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