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Lists of BSP for early elections, personal choice of Sergey Stanishev?

Lists of BSP for early elections, personal choice of Sergey Stanishev?

Sergey Stanishev and motivated self proclaimed lists of BSP, which has not happened.
"I do not think is expensive natiskach of buttons in parliament. On several occasions surrender certain positions, which should come any superreformatori, but this is the last time you surrender and then returned because the chairs, from which it does not sit any reformers, "it said in the morning before bTV Rumen Ovcharov.
Local structures complain, as usual, against the "paratroopers" and proposals for elective seats BSP coalition partners.
BSP partners in the "Coalition for Bulgaria", get 20% elective places on the lists, the second places on the lists in Pleven, Plovdiv -, Burgas, Varna, Sliven and Haskovo and two third places qualify - in Sofia and Kyustendil Region.
 Coalition partners BSP Movement for Social Humanism Alexander Radoslavov, Communist Party of Bulgaria Alexander Paunov, "Bulgarian Social Democrats" by Georgi Atanasov, "Euroroma" of Tsvetelin Kanchev renamed Party "Roma" Toma Tomov, "New Dawn" of Mincho Minchev Agrarian Union "Aleksandar Stamboliyski" Spas Panchev.
"Do not be that this" upgrade "will become bad" - it has warned Georgi Parvanov, say Socialists under Blog.
Some names mentioned as leaders of the BSP election lists, I heard for the first time. There were surprises. But it was a normal discussion, argument, told bTV Cornelia Ninova and more-for Rumen Ovcharov I can say that reacts normally, but I think talking to Stanishev had agreed that he would retire and not is the leader leaves.
Rumen Ovcharov "retiring last, then back
I'm still interesting SANS nonstop deal with me. "
 About GERD does Borisov will lead two of the longest lists for the upcoming elections, one of them will be against Stanishev Sofia.
 Tsvetanov also leads two lists as allowed by law.
 40 to 45% of cabinet ministers "Borisov" will participate in the elections.
Once it became clear that the Prosecution has indicted a former agriculture minister, this percentage dropped.
In lists of GERD would be no place for protesters.
OSCE will send 22 long-term and 220 short-term international observers for the upcoming May 12 early parliamentary elections, according to a preliminary report of the mission of the organization in Bulgaria.
OSCE have estimated that Bulgaria should arrive standard monitoring mission, despite the request of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and some games for extended mission.

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