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In Bulgaria, highways and zero deficit ate people.

In Bulgaria, highways and zero deficit ate people.

In England, sheep ate people, but replaced the mode of production.

 Highways will have "bubble ladybirds."
The point of annex is to make extra money.
Highways are built GERD, rose from the vicious practice of annexation.
The first was "Lyulin". Subsequent "Thrace" and "Struma".
Infrastructure was a priority of the Government of GERD, but not enough time and resources to work in the other direction - income and unemployment, "said Transport Minister Ivaylo retired Moscow to bTV.
Plevneliev explained that the construction of roads have saved 450 million lev
Borisov boasted the most expensive roads in Europe and Lilyana Pavlova favorite Borisov, mostly involved in cutting strips to "his reverence," Minister position reached with the highest rating.
Annexes confirmed suspicions that supposedly saved funds from highways will have "bubble ladybirds."
 Additional 84 million lev were given "Lyulin" and two sections of the "Thrace" and "Struma".
 More than 67 million lev agreed were given an extra just 7 km from the ring road of Sofia.
 "Lyulin" was built for 185 million contract price was 137 million and hungry protestors unaware paid an additional 48 million lev
So the "Lyulin" final price was 9.6 million km on a contract initially pledged 7.7 million euros.
25 million lev pay additional State last section of "Trakia" The money went to the builder - a consortium "Trakia IV", in which the main partner is "holding PCT" associated with Vasil Bozhkov.
And that's not all.
  Several million people have been eaten by sheep in England, famine in Russia after the revolution and civil war in the U.S. as they are different, somewhat similar history of poverty in Bulgaria.
Replacing the dominant mode of production usually leads to large-scale tragedies, industrialization in England and Russia took the lives of many millions, in England "sheep ate people." Russia "famine" in the U.S. agricultural industry losses SOUTH North.
 But talk of replacing the dominant mode of production, while in Bulgaria the official statistics indicate that mismanagement of GERD does not replace the liquidation of small and medium business with nothing.
Unaccustomed to jobs in small and medium-sized enterprises, but are not found in large?
 The world industralizatsiya process led to two devastating wars that ultimately, however, necessitated new ways of production.
In Bulgaria, led combustions of hungry and unemployed people, street protests after which GERB still want power?
GERB party of Spontaneously desperate people razvihrilata of corruption, mismanagement, the RCC's and eavesdropping and police state, the useless and harmful administration of high unemployment and desperate poverty still wants to manage.
At the time of the fall of the Borisov government in February unemployment reached 12.3% - the highest since 2005. Since over 22% of the population lives below the official poverty line, but actually over 45%.
Without livelihoods are 410,000 people, of whom-men - 241,000, women - 169,000.
Increasing the unemployed in 2011 compared with 34,000 people unemployed now 2.9 million, or 12.3%.
For young people between 15 and 29 years was 21% unemployment.

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