Friday, March 22, 2013

How go to early elections GERB and BSP?

How go to early elections GERB and BSP?

Pearls of the Day: "As much as people hate Boyko Borisov, twice Sergey Stanishev hate"-former BSP MP from Bliznashki.

GERB, BSP are parties that receive the most government subsidies and they will be able to spend much money on elections.
Association of European Journalists wrote a letter to Prime Minister Marin Raykov, alarmed by the expensive prices of election advertising in the state media. According to the association's prices are higher than in previous election campaigns and disadvantaged newly formed parties and action committees who do not use government funding.
The authors of the letter reminded the Marin Raykov, his government has taken an unequivocal commitment to consult with the public.
Tariff from $ 200. minutes of participation in dispute discriminate new protest parties and extra-parliamentary parties.
The government decided that the price per minute clip broadcast on BNT in different time zones on weekdays will cost between 330 and 2255 lev lev and weekends between 330 and 2800 lev lev and further including more salt prices.
  But I suggest that the independent caretaker prime minister Marin Raykov, make variable pricing for parties of protesters and presented to parliament, say 5-6 times lower than those for the parliamentary parties.
  After full managerial failure and decrease the rating GERD now trying to use the famous Bulgarian athletes naturally ineligible locations.
Began to fill their lists with people like wrestling champion Stanka Zlateva Sliven.
In Varna members of civil boxer allowance is № 1 in Bulgaria for the XX century Ivailo Marinov and Olympic rowing champion Rumyana Neykova.
 Will be included in the lists and Kubrat Pulev.
GERD their problems and thus solves: Deputy Attorney General Assia Petrova, which was the same with Tsvetan Tsvetanov in the U.S., which until recently was watching the case for a series of murders, called the former Interior Minister Tsvetanov "Killers" will head the national interagency unit which will monitor the legitimacy of the elections showed joint order between Sotir Tsatsarov Attorney General, Minister of Interior and Chairman Petia Parvanova SANS Konstantin Kazakov.
Can a company-company Tsvetanov Petrova Florov, Georgiev, a guarantor of fair elections?
 The aim of Sergey Stanishev's next parliamentary group is completely helpless watching the leader in your mouth and follow his every command. "By Sergey Stanishev things went very wrong. Especially in the last five years he led the party from one defeat to another defeat. BSP will have to pay the price of this style of behavior," said former lawmaker Bliznashki.
Stanishev has already said that even if BSP wins the election he will be prime minister, but the party leadership to surround himself with loyal Dimitar Oak, Katya Nikolova, Evgeni Uzunov and Georgi Pirinski.
 Tension purge of "ministers" of the ruling coalition, except Mikov and Mutafchiev.
Asen Gagauzov Maslarova, Rumen Petkov, Petar Dimitrov came out of the papers.
Sergey Stanishev has already announced its intention for introducing new faces, but we have not seen them.
It turned out, however, that some of the old players are not ready to retire.
Ridiculous idea Stanishev existing members who keep lists of the year in certain areas to be transferred as leaders in other areas where you do not know them well, perhaps?
Generally old komsomolki new bar will do ... and elsewhere.
At least to follow the example of Mexico, VIDEO.
 Maya Manolova from Kyustendil, Pazardzhik, Cornelia Ninova of Blagoevgrad in Ruse, Dimcho Mihalevski of Smolyan in Haskovo, in Smolyan Dora Yankova. Aspire from Montana in Sofia t.n.t.

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