Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Financial, social and economic situation of Bulgaria in March 2013.

Financial, social and economic situation of Bulgaria in March 2013.

Official data of the National Statistical Institute in 2012.
Without livelihoods are 410,000 people, of whom-men - 241,000, women - 169,000.
Increasing the unemployed in 2011 compared with 34,000 people unemployed now 2,900,000, or 12.3%.
For young people between 15 and 29 years was 21% unemployment.
The budget is not enough to simultaneously raise the minimum wage and pensions from April 1.
Unions want from April 1 this year, the minimum wage lev 340,
Hopes for stronger energy benefits shrink more than 10 million in one-lev lev only for the poor.
The state and municipalities owe 278 million lev business contracted. VAT detained in late January is over 207 million lev, about 22% are non-performing loans.
 Caretaker government can only reduce capital costs - for new investment administration.
According to Danev GERD have succeeded in terms of GDP growth in the last three years .2010 to 2012, and the expenditure of additional financial resources of around 17 billion lev, including and fiscal reserves, borrowing and donor EU funds to bring the country into structural and economic crisis due to wrong political and economic governance.
Cash reserves of the country, according to the National Bank on March 8 fiscal reserves at the central bank amounted to 2.7 billion lev in commercial banks, according to other experts have deposited 300 million lev
The total reserves of the country are currently 3 billion lev set for a minimum of 4.5 billion lev, which must be achieved at the end of the year.
From accounts, it is clear that the money available in the fiscal reserve is not currently cover the target funds that are part of it and that should not be spent - Silver Fund, which at the end of February 2086 were collected billion lev, and Funds "RAW" and "Plant", which are accumulated 1.3 billion lev
We are waiting for the Finance Minister to answer the question you have and what are the reserves.

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