Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Exceptional local election for mayor of Varna, and possibly for City Council.

Exceptional local election for mayor of Varna, and possibly for City Council.

Exceptional local election for mayor of Varna, and possibly for City Council.
Then, as today, Kiril Yordanov resign without revealing the awful truth, as he had promised, Varna remained without asking Mayor and local elections.
Whether there will be elections for City Council, depends entirely on the municipal council.
Within three days from today, March 6, from the resignation of Yordanov, chairman of the local parliament sends the Municipal Election Commission.
The municipal council elected acting mayor of the city, to make consultations with the Commission to determine the possible date of the election.
 Within seven days of the early termination of the powers of the mayor, the local Election Commission informed the Central Election Commission of this fact.
Further, within 7 days of receipt of the decision, the CEC offers the president to convene a partial vote.
Even President within 14 days of receipt of the proposal shall appoint election for mayor within 50 days.
To dissolve the municipal council of the city, has more than half the councilors to leave the seat parliament.
Then, there will be new elections for City Council.
For now, local lords of GERB, Boyko Borisov boycott and refuse to leave.
BSP and some others declared their intentions, but I heard they did.
Municipal councilor and leader of the Socialist Party in Bulgaria Borislav Gutsanov, in turn, was filmed and aired by bTV this morning, stealing a banner marked against him by piles of stones in memory of Plamen Goranov accrued to the municipality.

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