Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ecological disaster threatens Black Sea oil spill grew, moving to Romania and Bulgaria.

Ecological disaster threatens Black Sea oil spill grew, moving to Romania and Bulgaria.

Ecological disaster threatens Black Sea oil spill has grown to five kilometers in unfavorable winds and currents may threaten the Bulgarian coast.
Sunk to the mouth of the Danube ship "Nikolai Bauman" continues to pollute the Black Sea Oil, currently the area of ​​the oil spill off the coast of Odessa is at least 5.3 square meters. km increases.
Oil spill heading south to Romania and Bulgaria.
Cargo ship with the flag of Moldova, crashed into the Black Sea on 6 March On board were 11 crew members were all evacuated by boat to shore.
The vessel was charged with 2.700 tons gypsum Turkey Kherson.
Apparently the initial data small amount of fuel is not true.
Last measuring the area of ​​the oil spill is March 11, and then because rough seas were visible stains and oil film with bright colored stripes, which are directed towards Romania and Bulgaria in the form of a triangle with a total area of ​​more than 5 square kilometers.
On March 12, members of the State Ecological Inspectorate examined Boat waters around the sunken freighter and confirmed that does not stop the leak of oil similar to oil. Were taken water samples for analysis.
The area has no human resources, no special tools, obviously, want to eliminate the pollution and the ongoing spill.
Ismail also do not have the resources necessary to combat the spill.
Prosecution of Odessa region determines oil spill of more than 8.4 square kilometers. according to "Interfax".
Instituted criminal proceedings for marine pollution.
In addition to the threat to the environment from oil products near where the Danube flows into the Black Sea can be lost almost the entire bottom of the sea life cast.
Gypsum is an inert substance, but when it reaches the bottom kill all mussels, crabs, sea vegetation and flora of the Ukrainian Ecological believe Union.
Prevailing surface currents in the Black Sea originate at the mouths of large rivers and in the Kerch Strait, from where begins a powerful coastal current.
It was heading south near the Romanian and Bulgarian coast.
Varna east of the Crimean flows over to form over the South, which directs the Bosphorus.

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